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We loved Charlie. She was prompt (early), professional, and attended to every request we had. Taryn loved her!  Rating: 5 ~Camillia, Berryville, VA (June 2022)

Olivia was wonderful, she was on time, very kind and attentive to our instructions! The girls loved her and wished she lived in our home town so she could babysit all of the time. ~Kate, Indianapolis, IN (March 2022) 

Had to find someone to watch our almost 11- month old. FTM leaving my little one with a stranger for the first time, so, I did a ton of research and came across Elite Family Care. Debra was so kind and professional and put me at ease. Ellen was scheduled to come over and right away she made me feel very comfortable and I knew my baby would be in great hands. I hope we are able to schedule her again in the near future. I highly recommend this agency 100 percent! ~Nicole, Sarasota, FL (January 2021) 

Raymah was absolutely perfect. She was great with the kids and each night brought activities to do with them. My little boy is usually apprehensive when babysitters arrive, but he warmed right up to her. I will definitely be looking forward to our next trip to Florida and hoping that you can reserve Raymah for us when we need a babysitter.~Samantha, Cincinnati, OH (February 2021) 

Both Chelsea and Monique were great! They were both early, they were very sweet and kind with Denali and made me feel very comfortable with their services! They were flexible and considerate and I will definitely be using Elite Family Care when I visit in the future! ~Larissa, Siesta Key, FL (October 2020)

Thank you for the follow up.  Yes, Olivia was on time and the children said they had fun with her.  She was nice enough to read the boys a few books before they went to bed.  Appreciate your help and look forward to using your service again! ~Dan, Cincinnati, OH (November 2020)

Trinity was great!  The girls loved her. ~Emily, Bradenton Beach, FL (June 2020)

Both of my children love having Taylore as their babysitter. She is fun and engaging with lots of energy to keep up with my little ones. Her teacher experience is also a great bonus! She is both prompt and trustworthy and the children look forward to each of her visits while we can relax and enjoy our time away from home.~D.J., Sarasota, FL (July 2020)

Kelli is great. She is very energetic and the girls love her too. They had pajama day yesterday and watched movies and played games. Next week should be our last week for the summer. Thank you for all of your help and understanding this summer as we navigated into the unknown, we could not have done it without you and your awesome team. ~Holly, Osprey, FL (August 2020)

Hi Ellen, Chandler is great! She’s just as you described her — bubbly, sweet and great with kids. She’s also very beautiful, and, I think, my toddler son has a little crush on her ? he was giving her hugs almost immediately. ~Ana, Memphis, TN (June 2020)

We are indeed very satisfied with Betty’s care. She always arrives a few minutes early, listens and follows all care instructions, and immediately begins engaging with my daughter.

I appreciate the toys Betty brings and the extra things she does like loading/unloading dishes, cleaning up in the kitchen.  My daughter, is happy to see Betty and engages with her easily. So, we hope she keeps working for you all so we can keep hiring her. Thanks very much ~Tina, Memphis, TN (June 2020)

Debra, I just want to say a quick thank you for helping me find a nanny on such short notice! You and they were life savers! I also want to say how wonderful both ladies were, especially Brittni… she is everything a family could want in a nanny. I will definitely reach out to you the next time I need a sitter.~Tristin, Sarasota, FL (January 2020)

Ellen was great! Always on time and very nice. For the limited time she saw Emma, she was super comfortable with her and I really appreciated all of her updates she would send me while we were out. Next time we’re back, I would love to have Ellen babysit again. ~Shelley, Silver Spring, MD (January 2020)

Jade was fantastic. Both kids loved her, she was on time, and great at communicating with me. Recommend her completely and would not change a thing. ~Paula, Toronto, ON (November 2019)

Kyrsta was wonderful! She was on time, polite and very engaging! Thank you so much! Happy New Year!~Sarah, Indianapolis, IN (December 2019)

Courtney did a wonderful job! She arrived early, was very engaging with the children and came up with fun activities to keep them busy until bedtime. We definitely plan to use your service again during our next trip down and if possible will likely request Courtney again. Thank you for your help!~Dan, Cincinnati, OH (December 2019)

Julia is on time, very polite & professional. I meant to let you know this. Thank you so much for connecting us. It is very nice to come home to all the bottles washed and baby stuff picked up and organized. Extremely nice!~Stephanie, Sarasota, FL (Full time nanny placement)

Janet has been amazing! We are so glad to have her. She’s a huge help–definitely enough energy to keep up with the kids. We’re very happy! ~Kate, Ellenton, FL (Full time nanny placement)

Hunter was so great. She played with them and was very engaging. She was prompt and professional. Jacob: “I loved her and I think she should get a lot of money!” Ben: “I liked that she gave me playdough and she played slap jack and air hockey with me. I hope she comes back to play with me soon when we come to Florida.” We look forward to having her again! ~Shannon, Lenexa, KS (November 2019)

Jade was absolutely wonderful!! She made you feel super comfortable, was super personable, and was very punctual. It was evident that she had a lot of experience working with kids! We would recommend her to any friends and family traveling in the area who need a sitter. ~Emily, New Albany, OH (November 2019)

Divine was great! Our girls loved her. She was on time. She engaged well with the kids when we watched her at the wedding we were attending. Thanks sending her! ~Katie, Vienna, VA (November 2019)

Jade was great! She was very nice, responsible, and did a good job of keeping my son entertained. I appreciated that she contacted me a few hours beforehand to see if she needed to know anything about parking, etc. I also like that your sitters wear company t-shirts so that they are easy to identify. Thank you for the great service! We are in Siesta Key every Thanksgiving and will definitely use you all again. ~Alice, Richmond, VA (November 2019)

Hi Emily, thanks for following up. Erin was amazing! My youngest son asked about her for a week! When we need another sitter, we are planning to specifically request her. ~Megan, Lakewood Ranch, FL (July 2019)

Kyrsta was perfect! We felt very comfortable with her! She was perfect with the kids, and she is someone we would definitely use regularly if we lived in the same town. ~Natalie, Jacksonville, FL (July 2019)

Thanks for following up. Erin A. was amazing! My youngest son asked about her for a week! When we need another sitter, we are planning to specifically request her. ~Megan, Lakewood Ranch, FL (July 2019)

Racheal did a fantastic job with our baby Nora. She was so sweet and attentive, and made us feel instantly comfortable to leave our baby with her. I loved her calm, laid back personality. She also did a great job keeping us posted throughout the night. Thanks for your service and big thanks to Racheal! ~Antioch, TX (July 2019)

Lindsay was amazing. She was wonderful with my kids and was attentive to all of their needs. She really made me feel comfortable and confident when I left them on vacation a few different occasions. Thank you for providing such a great service! Will use again! ~Clare, Louisville, KY (July 2019)

Racheal was outstanding! She arrived early and immediately connected with our children. She was kind and caring. She did everything we asked to get the kids dinner, help them wind down, and she got both our toddler and our preschooler to bed right on time! I would definitely recommend her and I would love for her to babysit our kids again! ~Maggie Palmetto, FL (May 2019)

Brittini was great. We had a very positive experience. Will definitely use the service again. ~Jim, Sarasota, FL (May 2019)

Taylor was unbelievable. She was prompt, kind, loved our son, and I trusted her wholeheartedly with him. We absolutely loved her; thank you so much for referring her to us! ~Krissa, Lakeland, FL (May 2019)

Tricia was fantastic! She was really great with my son and was even able to keep him occupied while we were getting dressed. ~Maile, Austin, TX (June 2019)

Kelly E. was outstanding. Give her 5/5 stars! ~Ralph, Orlando, FL (June 2019)

I’ve used the company before and am very grateful that it’s available! The kids said Hillary was very nice and she came with a bag full of games which I loved. They were asleep earlier than I said they had to be and I came home a little earlier than expected, so it was a good experience ? ~Misty, Loganville, GA (January 2019)

As always we LOVE the sitters you provide! Michelle was great – had plenty up her sleeve to make sure the girls stayed busy until bedtime. :) We hope to get back down there again this spring. Your service is without a doubt top notch!!! ~Mary, Atlanta, GA (February 2019))

Emily, Michelle was fantastic! The kids all loved her. The service was very easy and the follow up was great! Thank you for making it happen so quickly too! ~Chrystal, Richmond, VA (March 2019))

Stacey was great! So professional and the kids love her! We highly recommend your service. ~Christine, Norwell, MA (March 2019))

As usual, we were pleased with the care provided. I was speaking with another Mother who uses another service and felt uneasy about some of the people that company provided. I informed her that I’ve never felt that way with Elite and have always been happy. It makes me feel good to be able to say that, as my daughter is everything to me. Thank you! ~Denise, Sarasota, FL (March 2019))

Kendall was great, and I was very happy with your service. We will definitely use your service again next year when we are back in town. ~Alexandra, Towson, MD (March 2019))

Mirna was great! We would definitely use her again. Kids loved her and everything went smoothly. Thank you, ~Alya, Sarasota, FL (March 2019)

Thank you for sending Stacey. She is absolutely Fantastic with the kids. They love her. ~Andrea, Sarasota, FL (January 2019)

Thank you so much for Gabriela! The kids absolutely loved her! They said she is their favorite sitter ever! She cleaned up after dinner and I didn’t come home to a single issue. ~Autumn, Lakewood Ranch, FL (February 2019)

We loved Jackie, she was amazing! Hope to use her again for future needs! ~Emily, Wellesley, MA (January 2019)

Kelsi was amazing. She was always early and happy to stay later if needed. She was great with my toddler. Whoever is going to have her as a nanny would be lucky. ~Nesli, NY, NY (February 2019)

Grace was excellent! She showed up right on time and was very professional. Alphonse had so much fun with her. I will definitely continue to use your services and would like to have grace again. Thank you! ~Evelyn, Parrish, FL (January 2019)

We adore Jennifer and would love to keep working with her every year-as we have now for about 4 years! THANK YOU!! ~Emily, Jamaica Plain, MA (November 2018)

We all had an excellent experience!! All the sitters for the whole family were really great. Loved that they brought activity bags and knew just how to jump in and takeover! Will definitely recommend to friends and will use again when in the area. ~Amy, Jackson, WY (December 2018)

Hannah D was great! She was very professional and great with my girls. We will definitely use your service again. ~Jordan, Raleigh, NC (December 2018)

Emily A was great with our girls. She brought board games for the girls to play with, and kept us updated as they played and swam around the hotel. The girls loved hanging out with her, and they had nothing but good things to say. ~Benjamin, Washington, DC (December 2018)

Josie was excellent. We loved her and would use her again if in town. ~Meaghan, Fort Lauderdale, FL (July 2018)

I just wanted to tell you that the girls (and Wesley) absolutely LOVED Grace. My girls were asking me if she could come back the next day! Anyway, we would love to have Grace come back in the future and babysit. ~Maggie, Palmetto, FL (September 2018)

Brittany was great and we would love to have her come back! All of the sitters we have had have been wonderful. Thank you so much for taking our worry away, we are so happy with the services you provide and thank you for arranging Grace for Friday! ~Emily, Bradenton, FL (September 2018)

Megan is wonderful! She’s still getting the hang of things and learning how to interact with a toddler but she’s been wonderful and Parker loves her. Thanks so much for finding us a great nanny! ~Ashleigh, Bradenton, FL (September 2018)

Betty was great! She was kind and fun for the girls and even brought activities! She cleaned up the dinner dishes and tidied up too! Am I dreaming? Finally, some of my family arrived at the house before I did, and I forgot to warn her they may be coming and she did not allow them in, she called me right away to confirm their identity and get my permission to let them enter. I was blown away by how responsible and safe that was. She gets 5 stars in my book. ~Melanie, Denver, CO (March 2018)

Ashlee was great, she came prepared with games and activities for the kids. They all took to her very quickly. We would definitely recommend her to another family. ~Natalie, Plainville, MA (May 2018)

Dailey was excellent! Very good and confident with the kids. Couldn’t be happier. Looking forward to using your service again on our next trip to Long Boat Key! ~Emily, Erie, PA (May 2018)

Thank you for providing such seamless service for our “date night”. Caitlin was excellent with the kids and we felt very comfortable leaving them with her. If we had been staying longer, we likely would have requested another night. ~Samuel, West Des Moines, IA (June 2018)

Stacie was perfect; we could not have asked for a better sitter! Gio said that he had fun with her. Thank you so much and we will be calling you next year. ~Rachel, Poland, OH (June 2018)

Lindsey was amazing! Highly recommend her and wish we lived there so we could use her more often. Thank you so much for your help! ~Melis, Littleton, CO (March 2018)

Dawn was prompt and sweet. She literally walked right in, got on her hands and knees and was playing with the kids. They could care less that we were leaving. I had her order room service for the kids, the hotel messed up on the bill, she reviewed it and made them correct it. It wasn’t even her money to be concerned about. She was fabulous and we would use her again in a heartbeat. The kids had a great time! ~Alexandra, Homestead, FL (March 2018)

Brittany R is an amazing babysitter—so much that my older girls ask me when she will be coming again because they are excited to see her. She gets the babies to sleep like a pro and engages the older kids with card games and conversations. I just wanted to let you know how awesome we think she is! ~Catherine, Palmetto, FL (March 2018)

Everything went great yesterday with Kelly! She was wonderful with Levi and sent me updates throughout their time which was great. I’d love to have her back again! Thank you so much for following up. ~Cally, Sarasota, FL (April 2018)

Jackie was amazing! She made such cute crafts with the girls!!! Thank you for helping us during our vacation. Look forward to the next time we visit. ~M.A. Atlanta, GA (February 2018)

Kelly was absolutely amazing! I would recommend her to anyone! She was on time, our two- year old immediately loved her, and he didn’t even notice when we left. If we are ever back in the area, we wouldn’t hesitate to use your service again. Thank you! ~Robinson, Baltimore, MD (January 2018)

We had a great experience. Makenzie was on time both nights. She was very charming, and we felt our daughter was well-cared for. We would happily use Elite Family Care again if in the area. ~Jen, Carmel, IN (January 2018)

Alexandra was great- kids loved her! Responsible, engaging, on time, brought activities with her. We’d use her and your services again. ~Meagan, Madison, WI (January 2018)

Alexandria was AMAZING! Thomas had so much fun with her, she was the first person he asked about the next morning. We look forward to our visit next year! ~Mary, Portland, OR (October 2017)

Jackie was fantastic! She did an amazing job with Declan and we could not have been more pleased! ~Jessica, Louisville, KY (September 2017)

We love Lindsey and love working with Elite Family Care! ~Annie, Sarasota, FL (September 2017)

Tiffany and Debra, Oh my goodness! Thank you so much! You guys are fabulous. I can’t put into words how much I appreciate your help. Going back to work has been difficult in terms of child care but I am so grateful to have been referred to you guys. Thank you so much. ~Ashley, Sarasota, FL (August 2017)

Ashlee did a wonderful job! She was great with both of our kids. I really appreciated her updates about how things were going throughout the day. I loved that she brought blocks to play with our son Luke. He loved them! Overall, she did a great job! We look forward to next time!! ~Ashley, Sarasota, FL (August 2017)

Kalina was amazing! Asher told us he had so much fun with her last night and told us all of the activities they did, such as playing Candyland, watching Trolls, reading, etc. Asher even asked when she is coming over again. For his first real babysitter, he seemed to have done very well and we could not be happier. ~Kate, Sarasota, FL (August 2017)

We were absolutely delighted with Jennifer! She could not have been a better fit for us. They boys adored her and she handled them beautifully. They had only great things to say about her. She came equipped with her own toys – great magnetic blocks and a hot potato game that all three of the boys loved. Fantastic young woman and we thank you so much for sending her to us! We felt totally confident that she could handle the boys, keep them happy and keep them safe in any emergency. We were able to totally relax and enjoy our two evenings out. Thank you so much! ~Kristina, Sarasota, FL (July 2017)

Jade was fantastic!!!! She was so good with our one-year old daughter. Wish she lived in Atlanta so we could use her regularly ~Stephanie, Atlanta, GA (June 2017)

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for sending Courtney, she was wonderful! I always ask the kids two questions when we have used the sitter service: 1. Did you like them? 2. Would you want them back? Both kids said she was AWESOME and yes they would love to have her back! Thank you again for assigning her to us. We were comfortable the minute we met her. ~Stormy, Palmetto, Fl (April 2017)

We have nothing but great things to say about Tamaryn. She was fantastic with the kids and followed all of our requests. She even sent us a few text messages to let us know everything was going smoothly. The only downside is that she made me look boring, our 5- year old said ‘how come you don’t do the airplane when you feed Freddie (our 10 month old)?” It made me smile thus I have started to do it intermittently and later he said that “she was the best babysitter ever.” ~Mary, Richmond, VA (April 2017)

Many thanks once again for a great service. Kaylee was excellent and she was particularly helpful when we wanted to change one appointment at short notice. We will be back next year and will be in touch with you beforehand! Also we will recommend you guys to others here in Germany. ~Robert, Germany (April 2017)

Jennifer was fantastic! She watched kids aged 3 months-11 years and handled them like a pro! I really appreciate and value your service and its ability to find a great sitter with only a two- day notice over a busy holiday time. ~Julie, Baltimore Maryland, (January 2017)

Madison was fantastic. She went above and beyond with the kids and by the end of the visit they were quite warmed up to her. Can’t say enough good things about her and you all now…two home runs two years in a row! ~AJ, Miami, FL (January 2017)

Julie was so wonderful with Tripp and it was such a relief that I didn’t have to worry about her for a second while I was doing wedding stuff. She was so sweet and motherly and I knew my son was in good hands. I wish I had a babysitter like her here in KC. Thank you for recommending her. ~Kerry, Mission Hills, KS (November 2016)

Loved Bianca! She was fantastic. She was great with Gage, my daughter, and so easy going. She accompanied my dad to the aquarium with Gage so he could have a set of extra hands. My mom just loved her. ~Beth, New York, NY (December 2016)

Ashlee was very good. We liked her a lot and were very happy with the way she treated our kids. In some ways she was more capable than us! ~Matt, York, Ontario (December 2016)

Sonya was terrific. The girls loved hanging out and making crafts with her. I’d highly recommend her to anyone needing a sitter on Anna Maria! ~Gail, Lakewood, OH (December 2016)

We loved Kaitlyn and Madison! Both were wonderful, very kid friendly. We appreciate all their care for our kiddos. ~Maria, Sarasota, FL (December 2016)

Kaylee was AWESOME! I wish she was in Oregon so we could work with her regularly! ~Mary, Portland, OR (October 2016)

Kaylee was great. She brought toys that the boys loved and did a great job keeping them busy and getting them to sleep. We had to cancel the 2nd night due to a change in our plans and our boys were upset they wouldn’t get to play with her again. We have always had a great experience your sitters. ~Kristen, Villa Park, IL (October 2016)

Melanie is always punctual. In fact, a few minutes early. Shows up with a bag of age appropriate goodies. She swoops in and starts to help immediately which is a gift when dealing with families returning home from work, dynamics of a couple… Etc. She follows our schedule and routine to a tee, texts me updates when kids are asleep and cleans up. Most of all she is kind and caring and seems to really enjoy the work. She is an asset to Elite Family Care. ~Allison, Sarasota, FL (May 2016)

Debra, I wanted to send a quick note to let you know that Ashlee and Sonya did a great job on Friday night. We appreciated their care and energy with 3 little babies and a toddler on Anna Maria during the wedding, ~Amira, Philadelphia, PA (June 2016)

I think Julie did great! She brought toys and played with my daughter and she even brought her a stuffed animal to take home with her after she had babysat for us. ~Jessica, Monument, CO (June 2016)

Sonya was a lovely young woman. She clearly had experience with young babies and she was gracious, polite and very easygoing. I only wish she lived where we do, as we would definitely use her babysitting services again! Thanks for all you do! ~Katie, San Antonio, TX (June 2016)

Jennifer was great! Kids loved her too! We will be down at the beach in July. We would like to have her help us again. ~Dan, Tampa, FL (May 2016)

Natalya and Kelly were both excellent. They were very professional. ~Matthew, New York, NY (May 2016)

Morgan is excellent! We loved her and would absolutely use her when we come back to Anna Maria next year! ~Della, Pelham, NY (April 2016)

We had a wonderful time and Miss Ashley was just great! ~Wanda, Orlando, FL (May 2016)

Kaitlyn was absolutely wonderful! I meant to email you after the wedding weekend to let you know that. She was sweet & professional. The kids & my family all loved her. She helped so much and helped lower my stress & worries about the kids. I wish she was local to us so that I could continue to use her! ~Paige, Seminole, FL (February 2016)

Megan was great. She arrived promptly, and was very good with the kids. We would definitely use her again. ~Colin, Buffalo, NY (February 2016)

We had a great experience with Elite Family Care. Morgan was very reliable, communicative, arrived on time (early even). Impressed that she brought her own bag of toys which was helpful in distracting kids from worry of being with new babysitter. Did well with 3 toddlers age 16-26 months including putting them to bed when they were having a tough night. ~Emily, Seattle, WA (March 2016)

Melanie is always punctual. In fact, a few minutes early. Shows up with a bag of age appropriate goodies. She swoops in and starts to help immediately which is a gift when dealing with families returning home from work, dynamics of a couple… Etc. She follows our schedule and routine to a tee, texts me updates when kids are asleep and cleans up. Most of all she is kind and caring and seems to really enjoy the work. She is an asset to Elite Family Care. ~Allison, Sarasota, FL (May 2016)

Debra, I wanted to send a quick note to let you know that Ashlee and Sonya did a great job on Friday night. We appreciated their care and energy with 3 little babies and a toddler on Anna Maria during the wedding, ~Amira, Philadelphia, PA (June 2016)

Debra, Wow, what a weekend. The entire family had an absolute blast. As you can imagine, we were very appreciative of your help! Everything went great and I apologize for anything we threw at you last minute. Thanks again for all of your help. It was a pleasure to work with you and your team. ~Jennifer, Gordon Food Service (February 2016)

Trisha was amazing!! My son keeps asking when I’m going out so she can come back!! I just booked again for another girl’s night out!! ~Jessica, Bradenton, FL (February 2016)

Morgan is amazing. My kids love her. She comes with her own bag of goodies that the kids think is so fun, like Mary Poppins. She is also a musician and I came home one day and she had her huge keyboard in the living room and was having a sing along with the kids. How fun? I’m so glad we found her. We will use her in the future. ~Felicia, Downers Grove, IL (February 2016)

We are so glad that we contacted Elite Family Care for our stay in Holmes beach, we and the kids had a great experience. We were very happy with Morgan’s professionalism and attitude and very satisfied with the care she provided to our kids. We are actually planning a return trip to the same location next year and plan to contact you again and request Morgan again as our nanny! I would highly recommend Morgan to other families vacationing in the Anna Maria island area. Thanks for helping make our vacation great and giving us parents a break! ~Eileen, Penllyn, PA (February 2016)

Jennifer was awesome with a lively group of 5 kids-bravo and we’d be happy to have her again when we return to Anna Maria, Florida in February! ~Emily, Jamaica Plain, MA (November 2015)

My son and daughter-in-law were very pleased with Amber and Erika. They seemed to handle our 3-year old very expertly and he can be a handful who doesn’t like his parents to leave. We’ll be getting in touch again next year when they visit. ~Paula, Sarasota, FL (December 2015)

Everything was great again. Ellen was always early and did everything to make little Adriano happy. ~Bret, Louisville, TN (December 2015)

Dominque was awesome and I personally LOVED her! She was person, professional and polite. ~Gloria, Orlando, FL (November 2015)

Kaitlyn was amazing! Kids absolutely loved her and said she’s in top 3 babysitters ever category. She played with them the whole time. We will definitely use her again! ~Shannon, Sarasota, FL (November 2015)

We were very pleased with Jennifer. She was prompt, brought activities for our Daughter and our daughter felt very comfortable with her. ~David, Fort Wayne, IN (November 2015)

I can’t begin to tell you how great Brittni was! She showed up 20 minutes early and came prepared with toys and activities for the kids. They took right to her and didn’t cry at all when we left! She kept us updated on how they were doing throughout the day which helped us not worry. She was just terrific and we would love to use her again when we move there permanently! Thank you so much for making everything so seamless. Great experience! ~Jason, Steepleview Drive, MA (November 2015)

Leanne was absolutely wonderful! Yardley was incredibly comfortable with her. I’m so glad this worked out. ~Katy, Maple City, MI (November 2015)

Leeanne was really great. She was punctual and our son liked her a lot. Put him to sleep the second day with no problem. ~Michael, Darien, Ct (November 2015)

Brittni was wonderful! We couldn’t have asked for anything more. She was on time, great with the kids, got everyone to bed easily, brought toys/activities for the kids (we were in a hotel), and best of all texted us updates so we knew all was going well. We were hesitant using a sitter we didn’t know, but it went great. Thanks so much for sending her to us and especially for accommodating our request to have the same person both nights. ~Marie, Powell, OH (October 2015)

Morgan was fantastic. The kids loved her. They had fun and we came home to sleeping kids that we had bets would not be sleeping. We will surely use and recommend your service. ~Kara, Windermere, FL (September 2015)

I just wanted to let you know Kristin was great and the kids really liked her. Thanks so much! We are so glad you have this service as it allowed my husband and I to enjoy a couple of nights minus the kids! ~Aimee, Mississauga, Ontario (August 2015)

Ashley was great! She watched our kids on a previous visit, so it was nice to see a familiar face. She was on time, energetic, and even brought toys for the kids to play with before bed. Can’t say enough great things. ~Christine, New York, NY (August 2015)

Thank you too for your excellent service on Siesta Key! Our boys had a great morning with Kelly! She was friendly, punctual and fun. We were very grateful that she was available to start at such an early hour to enable us to enjoy our golf at a cooler time of the day! We would have no hesitation in recommending Elite Family Care to other vacationing families. ~Alison, Switzerland, (July 2015)

Taylor was wonderful! Our little boy absolutely loved being with her. Taylor arrived on time each day. We couldn’t have been happier with her service. Thank you Elite Family Care. We can’t wait for our next vacation! ~Brooke, IL (July 2015)

Ashley was absolutely wonderful. We were so glad to have her for both days. The second day she came our baby smiled when he saw her, they must have had fun! Thank you! ~Christina, Newburgh, IN (July 2015)

Jennifer is the consummate professional, no two ways about it. We tipped her accordingly! ~Mike, Port Charlotte, FL (May 2015)

Allison and Jordyn were both fantastic. They did a great job keeping in touch with us while we were out. We realize they had their hands full with 5 children aged 3 and under. Thanks and we will use Elite Family Care again in the future. ~Ashley, Coconut Creek, FL (April 2015)

Both Melanie and Elaynne were wonderful and very helpful during our stay. It was really nice to have Elaynne for a few days in a row as she was able to get to know my son well. They had so much fun at the pool and the beach, it was so nice and allowed me focus on the baby in the house. I will definitely be using your service when we are back in Longboat Key. We head down to Florida frequently and I am so happy to have found you! ~Kristina, New York, NY (April 2015)

Rachael was fantastic. A+ or 10 stars or whatever the best score is in your system. On time, polite, and the kids loved her. We would highly recommend her and your services. ~Kelly, Los Angeles, CA (April 2015)

Nancy was very sweet and I loved that she brought a fun bag of crafts for the kids! ~Caroline, Alpharetta, GA (April 2015)

I would like to express my appreciation Elite Family Care for providing such a great young lady, Dominique! She was great with our kids and it worked out really well especially after being very nervous from the beginning about leaving our children. ~Kristin, Gilbert, AZ (April 2015)

We loved Elaynne! She was professional and sweet and my daughter, who is going through a stranger-danger only-wants-Mommy-phase, loved her too. She helped make our vacation enjoyable and I felt very comfortable and confident leaving my daughter in her care. ~Elizabeth, Newtown, PA (April 2015)

We were very happy with Jordyn. She came 4 evenings and she was always prompt. Jordyn was confident with all of the kids (including the baby), friendly, warm, and calm. She came up with fun things to do with the kids, put them to bed happy, and followed all our directions. She even kept our 10 month old (who is experiencing huge separation anxiety right now) happily entertained. We also had a chance to observe her during the day, watching some other charges; she was very good with them on the beach. We would definitely recommend her and use her again. ~Bess, New York, NY (March 2015)

Morgan immediately had my son smiling and eager to spend time with her. I was able to work well knowing that my son was happy and safe with her. She arrived every day on time and was very pleasant. We will be back to AMI next year for another “work vacation” and we would be very happy to have Morgan take care of our son again. I am happy to recommend Elite Family Care as we have continued to have excellent nannies. ~Sherri, Ontario, Canada (March 2015)

Natalya was nothing less than perfect. My kids loved her and listened to her. She got them to bed and managed to tidy up our messy vacation condo. Would definitely use your service again and request her. ~Lissa, Old Saybrook, CT (March 2015)

Jennifer was amazing and we’d be happy to have her back any time. She and my son hit it off right away and she sent me regular updates to help provide peace of mind. Thank you for always providing such exceptional nannies! ~Sara, Myakka City, FL (March 2015)

Melanie M was absolutely fantastic!!! She sent us pictures throughout the evening, which assured us that he wasn’t giving her too hard of a time and then informed us when he went to bed. We were really able to enjoy our evening. Please thank Melanie for going above and beyond by cleaning our baby bottles and making sure the toys were picked up. Thank you for making our first babysitting experience so positive. ~Colleen, Sarasota, FL (March 2015)

Kathryn was exceptional. We wish we could have packed her up with us and taken her to Dallas!!! (9 week old baby) ~Grace, Dallas, TX (March 2015)

Danielle was great!! We are coming back this summer and I would definitely have her sit again for us. ~Christine, New York, NY (March 2015)~Julia, New York, NY (March 2015)

Jordyn was amazing! From the moment she showed up she was great with the kids and had a very nice way about her. I can’t say enough good things about her. We look forward to returning to Long Boat Key. ~Andy, Washington, D.C (March 2015)

Elayanne was awesome! She was competent, engaging and confident. Would recommend her highly to anyone! ~Amy, Hinsdale, IL (March 2015)

Melissa was fantastic. She was great with our daughter and I felt extremely at ease while we were away. I would love to have her here again when we are in need of a sitter. Thank you for sending her and for your incredible service! ~Dianne, Bradenton, FL (February 2015)

We LOVED Dailey. She did a great job and was extremely pleasant and communicative. Thanks so much! Please convey our thanks to her. ~Lauren, Arlington, VA (February 2015)

Jennifer was absolutely fabulous and totally engaging! When we come back in April I am hoping to book her again! ~Maris, Sands Point, NY (February 2015)

We could not have been more satisfied with Camden babysitting our 2 granddaughters. We will definitely ask for her again and recommend your service to any of our friends who might need a sitter. ~Jerome, Longboat Key, FL (February 2015)

It’s a pleasure to have Danielle for 4-5 days to take care of our grandchildren. She was really patient and very good in engaging them. Would not hesitate to have her back any time we need in future. ~Leela, North Haven, CT (January 2015)

We really like Danielle. She is very sweet and made us feel comfortable leaving our kids with her. She arrived on time both days and had a lot of enthusiasm. I would definitely use her again when we come back to Longboat Key. ~Christine, New York, NY (December 2014)

Dominique was great! She showed up on time, was very professional, came with games to play with the kiddos and they had a very fun night. She was the perfect fit for our three kids. Thanks a ton. ~Jennifer, Wilmette, IL (December 2014)

Kathryn was fantastic! This was the first time leaving our 16-month-old twins with a babysitter while they were awake. We were more nervous for Kathryn because two babies can be a handful but when she arrived, she was very confident and reassuring. We left without any qualms and sure enough, when we returned both kids had been put to bed without any issues. On top of that, the house was clean and there were no toys or dishes to clean up. We definitely would recommend Kathryn for families with multiple children as well as your agency for providing excellent nannies. ~Jill, New York, NY (November 2014)

Cassandra was fantastic. She followed instructions well and went beyond to attend to everything that was needed. Ava had a ton of fun and I never worried about her. ~Noelle, Whitmore Lake, MI (October 2014)

I just wanted to let you know that we were thrilled with Amber. She was always on time, the kids loved her, she went over and above the call of duty cleaning up and leaving everything neat and tidy. We can’t say enough good things about her. Thanks so much for sending her. ~Mariana, Longboat Key, (July 2014)

Ashley was great. She arrived on time, was very pleasant and made us feel very comfortable leaving our kids with her. I would definitely request Ashley the next time we are down in Longboat Key! ~Christine, New York, NY (July 2014)

The boys absolutely loved Elaynne. She did very fun activities with them, and had them in bed on-time and in a happy, fun way. We loved her so much, we asked her to come back this Saturday and stay with them again! We would definitely recommend Elaynne to any of our friends in the future, and will definitely be requesting her during our stays in LBK. Thank you again so much! ~Allison, Orlando, FL (July 2014)

Hi Allison, thanks for helping us out on Thursday night. We were able to have a very special night with the group vacationing with us! Mikayla was lovely and the kids really enjoyed having her over. We look forward to using your services again next year! ~Natalie, Atlanta, GA (July 2014)

Mikayla was kind, very personable, dependable, and punctual. The boys liked her. She played games with them. Also she firmly and appropriately disciplined our youngest when he was breaking house rules. Thank you for matching us up with her! ~Alison, Carmel, IN (July 2014)

We LOVED Jade!! I honestly can’t say enough good things about her, she was so kind and responsible and just wonderful to our son! Jack still talks about her (he nicknamed her Jade Jade!). Everyone in our family just adored her, and we would be thrilled to be a reference for her if another family asks for one! ~Jessica, New York, NY (August 2014)

Elaynne was great. She arrived on time. She listened to directions and made us feel comfortable. My son is very active and she seemed to handle him just fine. ~Lisa, Holmes Beach, FL (July 2014)

Ashley M was very nice. She was a little quiet around us, but professional. She called ahead of time to confirm everything. My daughter really liked her and ran out to give her a hug when she left. ~Cheryl, Franklin, TN (July 2014)

We were very happy with Mandy. My children loved her. We will definitely use your service again on our next vacation in the area. ~Rebecca, Winter Garden, FL (July 2014)

Ashley B was terrific- we really thought she was professional and the kids loved her! ~Susan, Tampa, FL (July 2014)

Emily was wonderful. She came well prepared with activities for our 3 year old. Our daughter immediately liked and trusted her as did we. We had two care-free evenings away and returned each time to a happy sleeping child. My wife even gave me credit for coming up with the idea when all I did was ask The Ritz for a recommendation and they referred me to you. ~Richard, Arlington, VA (July 2014)

Elaynne was great. Samantha really liked her and they seemed to get along great. She seems like a bright, caring young lady. If I’m ever in the area again I would use your service and request Elaynne. ~Michael, Sebastian, FL (July 2014)

We had a lovely week on Longboat Key and Kathryn was absolutely lovely. She was punctual, professional and the kids loved her. I couldn’t have asked for a better sitter and will definitely be requesting her again next time we come down. Your service was also wonderful and I really liked how you sent us the photo and information before the sitter came. I will be sure to recommend you and your company to any friends going to Longboat Key. ~Wendy, Orlando, FL (June 2014)

Kristen was AMAZING!! She called ahead of time to see what Riley liked to do and brought a ton of crafts to make princess crowns and such (her favorite). We were completely comfortable leaving Riley in her care and Riley was practically pushing us out of the door so she could play with all the new toys/crafts Kristen brought. If Kristen lived closer to us in Indian Rocks Beach I would have hired her on the spot for our open full time position! Thank you again for sending Kristen. We will absolutely use your service in the future! ~Michelle, Indian Rocks Beach, FL (June 2014)

Mandy was great! She was a little early, came prepared with activities, (crafts & movies) and swam in the water with our kids. The LOVED her! ~Jennifer, Fort Wayne, IN (June 2014)

Jade did a great job blending into our routine. She’s very sweet and accommodating and made our vacation much more relaxing. Thanks so much! ~Elle, Chicago, IL (June 2014)

Dominque was wonderful. Best sitter yet and I would highly recommend her. Molly had a blast. ~Jacqueline, Canada, (May 2014)

We thought Elaynne was very nice and friendly and my boys liked her a lot, she put my youngest to bed and he can be a little difficult sometimes but he took to her as soon as she came into our room. ~Sara, Darien, CT (May 2014)

Tori did a fantastic job! We were very pleased with her, and my wife loved that she kept in touch with her while our daughter was awake to keep her updated on how they were doing. If we need a sitter for future trips, we will not hesitate to contact you. Thank you so much for all your help and please make sure to let Tori know she did a fantastic job. ~Kyle, Ocala, FL (May 2014)

My friend Kim and I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge how great Julie and Kensie were as sitters for us over the holiday weekend. We had such a positive experience with both of them (and your agency). We felt incredibly comfortable with Julie and Kensie, were impressed by their experience as well as with their thoughtfulness in sending us updates on our children throughout the day (Kensie even sent us photos)! Thank you so much for providing us with a positive sitter experience while on vacation. We truly appreciate it! ~Briana, Rye, NH (May 2014)

My two girls absolutely loved Jennifer. She painted their nails and helped them make birthday cards for their dad. We hope she’s there when we come back next year! ~Lisa, McLean, VA, (March 2014)

Autumn did a great job & was very interactive with the boys. She listened to all the instructions & followed thru very nicely with everything. ~Suzanne, Sarasota (February 2014)

Jennifer is excellent. She is extremely hands on, efficient. ~Susan, Stamford, CT (March 2014)

Debra, thank you so much for your help! Elaynne, was amazing!! ~Adriana, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (March 2014)

Kathy S was wonderful! I gave her a quick tour of the house and nighttime routine and she was right on it! She brought a few things with her including a board game. She played the game with my son and he loved it! He talked about it all day from the moment he woke up the next morning :) She communicated with me via text. Everything was peaceful when we arrived home. ~Lauren, Sarasota, FL (February 2014)

Lindsey was great and we really enjoyed using the service. Easy to book, trusted by the hotel and very responsive to our needs. ~Brendon, Alexandria, VA (February 2014)

Emily did a great job. We will definitely use your services again on our next vacation. ~Loren, Alexandria, VA (February 2014)

I wanted to thank you again for finding our family a fantastic baby sitter. Elizabeth was amazing. She worked a long day for us – but during those 12 hours, she kept my children busy with fun activities. She came prepared with books and toys AND she made the cutest crafts with them. They made little bugs out of construction paper which were then glued to clothespin. They then clipped them to items throughout the house as they played “find the bugs”. Two days later, my kids are still talking about this scavenger hunt. Elizabeth provided us with a detailed note of what they did, what they ate, what they articulated AND, the best part was that every couple of hours, she texted me a picture of them enjoying themselves. I loved that – and it eased my mind! Your agency found us a perfect sitter even with less than a 12 hour notice from our end! ~ Kathya and Family, Sarasota, FL (February)

Katie L was great. My son loved her! She was full of energy and a great fit for him. I would recommend her. ~ Ellen, Needham, MA (January 2014)

Our boys, Kobi and Ethan seemed to enjoy having Katie S as their babysitter. Katie seemed to be very attentive and reassuring. We enjoyed our night and we would use your service again while vacationing. ~ Rachel, Voorhees, NJ (January 2014)

Katie was terrific. L woke up the next morning and sleepily said to me, “I have to look for Katie”. He really took to her. Thanks so much! ~ Cate, Siesta Key, FL (January 2014)

Emily is very professional, and did a fabulous job with my two young boys, 3 years old and 12 months old. ~ Laura, Chevy Chase, MD (December 2013)

We loved Ashley! Thank you so much. After so many visits to Longboat with inadequate babysitting we were just thrilled to have Ashley. My 2.5 year old asked where she was yesterday- that really shows how much she was liked. We will be back soon and will book with you again! ~ Jodie, Toronto, Ontario (December 2013)

Tracy was fantastic! Girls loved her and we thought she was very professional. We loved that she had a “no electronics” night with the kids. They had lots of fun, creative play. ~ Amy, Memphis, TN (December 2013)

Elizabeth was absolutely incredible. Flexible, caring, on time, on top of everything. I highly recommend her and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. ~ Jesse, New York, NY (December 2013)

We had a wonderful experience with your service. Tara was terrific – the children loved her from the minute she walked in the door. She immediately engaged them with a game she brought along and they barely said goodnight to us. We are very impressed with your agency and will certainly recommend them to our friends who visit the area. When we return you will hear from us again. ~ Sandra, Tenafly, NJ (December 2013)

Tori was excellent. We would highly recommend her. She did a great job with the kids!! ~ Robert, Wilmington, MA (December 2013)

Your service and Katie were awesome. On-time, very professional, and we will definitely use you both again in the future. ~ Kelly, Los Angeles, CA (November 2013)

We were absolutely thrilled with the service that Tori provided. My husband was not sure if he would be able to leave the girls before meeting Tori. But it only took a matter of minutes for him to feel comfortable with her ability to care for our girls. She was warm and fun, and brought crafts and nail polish to entertain them. They even asked to leave the event early because they were so excited to see her the second night! The girls wish we lived closer so she could babysit for them regularly because they like her so much!! We feel very lucky to have used your service and to have met Tori. Thank you so much, ~ Ivy, Ladera Ranch, CA (November 2013)

Kensey did an amazing job with Jackson. She is obviously very familiar with babies and Jackson cozied up to her quickly. She was thoughtful enough to send me pictures and updates throughout the day. I would highly recommend her! ~ Danielle, Sarasota, FL (November 2013)

We had a wonderful experience using Elite for our recent visit to Sarasota. Brittany was super friendly and made me feel at ease from the start. Our schedule was a bit in flux from evening to evening but Brittany was flexible and very accommodating. We were in town for my grandfather’s 90th along with many other family members; having her available to watch our son made the trip so much more enjoyable. I would recommend Elite and Brittany in particular to anyone looking for similar babysitting services in the area. ~ Lindsay, San Francisco, CA (November 2013)

Kathy was excellent. I could not have been happier. My daughter loved her. She brought stickers, which won my daughter over right away, and the rest went great from there. She rocked my daughter to sleep and got to bed without any crying. This was the first time that we’ve left Brooke with anyone that was not a family member and I was, of course, nervous about it. Kathy texted me as soon as my daughter was asleep to let me know that all was well. She allayed my concerns and allowed me to enjoy both a rehearsal dinner and a wedding on Friday and Saturday, respectively. I would certainly suggest recommending Kathy to other clients. ~ Adrienne, Bronxville, NY (October 2013)

Chelbe did a wonderful job of caring for my 2 year old son and 11 year old nephew while staying on Siesta Key. They went to the beach and played in the sand, had treats, and watched a movie and she kept me updated with picture messages the whole evening. She was also able to give us wonderful recommendations for dining and going out in Sarasota. I am thoroughly impressed with your service. ~ Lindsey, Steamboat Springs, CO (October 2013)

Ashley was WONDERFUL!!! Hopefully she will be available again when our kids return in December. The baby was asleep the first night she arrived, but she had 30 minutes or so with him the second evening and successfully got him to bed!!!! We all were most pleased and felt most comfortable leaving the baby in her care. We will definitely be in touch with Elite in the near future! ~ Shelly, Atlanta, FL (September 2013)

Tori, was the best babysitter the girls ever had!!! I let some of the other people there know about your service, but I was very impressed not only with the professionalism but the outstanding job Tori did with the girls thank you so very much! ~ Kathy, Tampa, FL (September 2013)

Allison D had a lot to handle today with 2 under 2, one with an ear infection and the newborn getting acclimated to bottle feeds. Not surprisingly she handled it like a champ! AND I came home to beautiful chalk art work on the patio! ~ Allison P, Sarasota (September 2013)

Kristin was great – punctual, polite and engaging with the kids. We will definitely use your services again when back in Sarasota. ~ Heather, Chicago, IL (August 2013)

Jade was fabulous!! ~ Kate, New York, NY (August 2013)

Our stay in Siesta Key was great, and thanks to Elite Family care and Kristin we had a very peaceful and perfect evening celebrating our wedding anniversary. Kristin was great, she was on time. The thing I liked most about Kristin is that she made the time with my son very fun for him! They made a cow out of a paper plate, and he told me about a DVD they watched together! She also messaged me a photo of my son having fun. It is so much nicer to know your child had fun and was happy while you had fun! I would recommend Elite Family Care to friends and would love to use your services again in the future (and would especially request for Kristin!) ~ Oorooj, Orlando, FL (August 2013)

Chelbe was fantastic! She was prompt, polite, and presented herself professionally. She had 4 kids to deal with, and they warmed up to her immediately. I have used a sitter service while travelling in the past. However, it was the first experience for my sister-in-law leaving her children and while she was initially hesitant, she was also very impressed. I appreciate your service to let us get a night out without children :) I plan on using your services again the next time I am in town and would definitely recommend your service to others. ~ Baltimore, MD (July 2013)

Ashley was great, the kids loved her. ~ Vicki, Tampa, FL (July 2013)

We loved, Tara. She is our favorite nanny from a service from many of our various travels. ~ Paula, Austin, TX (July 2013)

Darlyn was great! She was very professional and the children loved her. She did a great job of communicating with me and keeping me updated throughout the night. ~ Natasha, Middleton, DE (July 2013)

We were thrilled with Tracy. The kids loved her. Their parents were very impressed, and would use her again in a minute. Thank you both so much…..I hope you have a good year and we look forward to using you again next summer! Until then! ~ Mariana, Longboat Key, FL (July 2013)

Darlyn was absolutely fantastic. I couldn’t have asked for or imagined anyone better. ~ Rich, Moon Township PA, (July 2013)

Emily was outstanding. My kids absolutely loved her and wanted her to come back. Thank you very much, ~ Megan, St. Petersburg, FL (June 2013)

Jade was great Saturday night! A couple of our kids were a little unsure about us leaving them for the evening, but Jade put them at ease within minutes. They all did well with her and had a wonderful time! Thanks so much! ~ Carol, Tampa, FL (June 2013)

Carley was great and the kids loved her. Thank you very much. ~ Donna, Jupiter, FL (June 2013)

Kristin was great! On time and we felt very comfortable with her. As a result, we had two fun evenings out. We would love to use her during our next visit to Longboat Key. ~ Chris (June 2013)

Both Ashley and Emily were PERFECT, and we will for sure be using you again! You have Great judgment as they were wonderful with Jess. I work with TONS of nannies and Babysitters and I can say that these two were easily two of the most professional, competent, and wonderful sitters. If either of them ever moved to Chicago I would snag them up as my full time nannies in a second. Thank you again for all the help!!!! Please keep me on file as my parents have a condo in Longboat and I am down there a lot and will now often call your service. Thank you!!! ~ Jennifer, Chicago, IL (June 2013)

We loved Nicole – she is absolutely wonderful! I would request her again. She was very professional and friendly she chatted with us and made us feel at ease. I love that she brought things to do with Alex! We can only bring so much with us on vacation so her things were novel and fun for him. As usual, we were not disappointed with the quality of the sitter provided to us by Elite. We will continue to recommend your company to others who may visit that area and rave about our experiences. Thanks so much! ~ Elizabeth, Elyria, OH (May 2013)

Shannon was wonderful! I would recommend your company to anyone! ~ Krysta, Scottsville, VA (May 2013)

I wanted you to know how delightful Ashley was. Super nice girl and so natural with the kids they loved her. Would highly recommend her, I wish she lived closer I’d hire her in a heartbeat as our nanny! ~ Sarah, Larchmont, NY (May 2013)

Hi Debra, I just wanted to thank you for your services this past Thursday night. Jason and I loved Nicole (Cole). Jason had a ball. If we are ever in the area again, we will certainly contact you. I will also refer your company to my friends. Happy Memorial Day! ~ Denise, Davie, FL (May 2013)

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Tracy – she is a kind, creative, caring and intelligent person that I wish we could find someone like her to watch our children back home in CT. She really is an A+ caliber type of person who we really enjoyed having in our home and our daughter actually talked about after our vacation. We would love to have her time and time again when we return to visit our family in the Fall and Spring time. ~ Dawn, Southport, CT (April 2013)

Jackie was terrific! Oliver loved her, and so did we. She was kind, confident, engaging and professional. I would definitely request her again if she were available next time we visit. Thanks so much. ~ Becca, Chicago, IL (April 2013)

Tracy was wonderful. I was nervous about having a sitter at a house with a pool. She made it clear that they had plenty to do inside. She brought a large box of crafts. They made picture frames and decorated them with paint, stickers, and glue-ons. She got everyone fed and into bed, no problem. I was very impressed. I would definitely recommend her. ~ Tracy, Centennial, CO (April 2013)

Kristin was wonderful; we were very pleased. The kids loved her and my daughter was so happy. We look forward to having Kristin when my grandchildren are here again. Thank you! ~ Trish, Longboat Key, FL (April 2013)

We loved Tracy, she was utterly fantastic and the children adored her. No doubt we will be in touch next year when we are back and would love to see Tracy again. ~ Sam, Shropshire UK (April 2013)

Our nanny Rebekah was absolutely wonderful. The kids really enjoyed her. Thank you again. ~ Sarah, Lake Jackson, TX (March 2013)

Debra, Kim was wonderful. Her calm demeanor and expertise with toddlers and young ladies were just what the Doctor ordered. It was the only 3 hours (we came back an hour early) that I spent alone with my wife the whole trip! Most importantly the kids were so happy with the crafts Kim D. brought, and THEY WERE ASLEEP WHEN WE GOT BACK TO THE ROOM! That alone is a miracle! Thanks again and May God Bless your wonderful business ! ~ Matthew, York, PA (March 2013)

Hi Debra, Kathy is terrific! We are very, very, happy with Kathy’s care of L. He is having a great time. Kathy is very responsible as well as caring. ~ Sherri, Toronto, ON (March 2013)

Carla is incredible! Jaelyn loves her! She goes down for her nap just fine & doesn’t ever cry when I leave! I am glad to have found her. We get along great and she has given me some great ideas from her own parenting experiences! Thank you! ~ Mary Lynn, Venice, FL (March 2013)

Chelby is a dream babysitter. She brought a Mary Poppins bag full of fun projects, nail polish, all sorts of fun stuff. When my children woke up the next morning they couldn’t wait to tell us all about how their babysitter had magic powers and how she had shared them. Our four year old will use her new found power to “be a better pony rider!” We wanted her to come home with us, she is a gem. Thank you for your help, we’ll be in touch next time we’re in Sarasota! ~ Katie, Norfolk, CT (March 2013)

Whitney was absolutely terrific. She is great with our girls, and also punctual and flexible. We LOVED her! ~ The Lardeux Family, Grapevine, TX (March 2013)

Kathryn was great! She was on time, dressed nicely, and played great with the girls. I will definitely use your services again. ~ Aggie, Northfield, IL (March 2013)

Kathy was excellent! We felt very secure with her and the kids loved her. I would recommend her to anyone. ~ Mark, St. Petersburg, FL (February 2013)

Chelbe was fantastic!!! She really was great and we couldn’t have been happier with her. She was a few minutes early, she brought a few things of her own to entertain the girls, which was great, and she was very friendly, warm, confident, and reassuring. The girls really liked her (the older one woke up this morning and asked where she was), and I really appreciated how she kept me posted throughout the night via text on how things were going. I really can’t say enough good things about our experience with her. Our two girls were a handful, and she handled it beautifully! ~ Sarah, Philadelphia, PA (February 2013)

Shavonne was excellent! We were all sorry to say good bye. Charlotte (4 year old) cried because she had fallen asleep the last day while Shavonne was here and didn’t get to play with her. Shavonne engages with the kids and they love her. She brings activities so they have something different to do. They really loved painting finger and toe nails. She is a happy and pleasant person to be around and has a gift with kids. Thank you for sending her to us. We will certainly call you next time we need a sitter and recommend you to our friends. ~ Laura, Chicago, IL (February 2013)

Thanks Debra. Your responsiveness in meeting my request on impossible short notice was extraordinary. Gigi/we really liked Amber. We have entered your company info in our “Rolodex” for future reference. We will also pass the info on to friends who vacation here frequently. ~ Rose and Bill, Washington, D.C. (January 2013)

Thank you for your babysitting services while we were in Sarasota. We are very grateful. It was very special to have 2 evenings when the whole family could be together, and out for some fun dinners. Lisa was lovely, so professional, attentive, and a very engaged and pleasant person. ~ Julia, Washington, D.C. (January 2013)

My boys said they loved Madison ,in fact J said can she watch us again today mommy. We adored her. She was prompt, sweet and made me feel confident leaving her with the boys. One of our boys even said where’s Madison this morning? ~ Jenny, Sarasota, FL (December 2012)

Leeanne was great!!! She was kind enough to text me pictures of the kids through the day which was such a joy!!! She kept the kids entertained, all three had a blast and as she left the girls ran to give her a hug and a kiss. We will absolutely utilize your service again in the future. Thanks again for everything! ~ Tonya, Zeeland, MI (December, 2012)

Lisa was great! Arrived early and stayed later. I was very comfortable with her. I would definitely recommend your company to friends. ~ Kristi, Miami, FL (December, 2012)

We are absolutely thrilled with our experience with Elite Family Care. The babysitters were always on time, professional, caring with my children, were positive and loved to play. In addition, both babysitters would clean up messes, were very comfortable with meal time and changing diapers. They would bring toys and different activities for my children (2 and 4). It allowed me to have time for myself and my husband on our vacation. I would absolutely recommend Elite Family Care to any family looking for a babysitter. ~ Molly, Philadelphia, PA (December 2012)

Your service was superb. Claudia did her job professionally from start to finish. I would highly recommend your service to others and would use it again if we return to Sarasota area. Thank you. ~ David, Santa Cruz, CA (December, 2012)

Elite Family Care was great, you found a babysitter at the last minute. Kathryn was wonderful. My son was asleep when she arrived but my daughter and Kathryn did loads of coloring and activities together. In the morning, my daughter immediately asked where Kathryn was!! Kathryn also sent us a couple of text messages during our evening out to reassure us that all was well, these texts were very much appreciated. Great service! We will definitely use Elite Family Care next time we are in the area. ~ Natalie, Wyckoff, NY (December 2012)

I would give Stacey and Ashley B a five star recommendation. They were both great…..both parents and children were happy! ~ Nancy, Bethesda, MD (December 2012)

Claudia was great! She came with a bag of games and played the entire time with my son. Thank you! ~ Amie, Atlanta, GA (December 2012)

Debra, Stacey was amazing helping me with our grandchildren while they were visiting. Her experience with autism was such a great help and allowed my children to have a break while visiting us on Longboat Key! You have a gem in her. ~ Andrea, Longboat Key, (December 2012)

Both Ashley and Shavonne were awesome! My kids loved them and they both were great with the kids from the minute they walked in the door! We will be back down again and will make sure to reach out in advance so we can have one of the two girls! Both girls put us at ease right away so we could feel good about leaving the kids and had an enjoyable night out! We would highly recommend your service to anyone, ~ Kinsley, Rochester, MI (December 2012)

Once again, Carla was great! She called me the night before to quickly go over things and was on time the next day. We knew we could enjoy the night out with Carla watching the kids. She kept us updated with texts to let us know they were both asleep. ~Megan, Northbrook, IL (December 2012)

Thank you all for the wonderful service you provide! It was a great event and the kids had a good time! Also, Christina was amazing with my daughter. I love that she brought a few different toys of her own to show Vivian. It was a great touch. Thanks again and I look forward to working with you in the future!~Audrey, St. Petersburg, FL (August 2022)
Hansley was great!! My kids loved her – she got in the pool with them, kept them safe, engaged, and did exactly what I was hoping for. She arrived on time and was totally professional. Definitely recommend her! She sat and did magnatiles with my son and drew pictures with my daughter. She even offered us suggestions about what we could do on our rainy afternoon.~Katie, McLean, VA (March 2022) 

Debra, we just wanted to say thank you for Ashley. She is amazing, my kids loved her! I hope to be back soon and will Definitely be in touch! Thanks for a great experience! ~Alison, Parkland, FL (August 2021) 

Chloe was fantastic! Our daughter was talking about her again this morning. We hope she can come babysit again sometime. She came prepared with activities and took her to the playground each day. ~Amy, Sarasota, FL (August 2021) 

Julie was amazing! Arrived on time and was very knowledgeable about my sons age group. I was able to tell her his routine quickly and she instinctively got it! Not everyone can do that. She was great with Connor! He seemed to love her! I hope to get her again the next time we are down. Thanks for providing such a great a service, and being so accommodating with our last minute needs. I look forward to using your service again. ~Jessica, Longboat Key, FL (August 2021) 

Olivia was great! She was on time each session, responsive, and the kids adored her. I can’t say enough positive things about her – she was the perfect fit, and we hope to have her sit for us again next time we’re on AMI. ~Jay, Washington, DC, (August 2021) 

Madelyn was the best babysitter we have had. I hope to be able to book her again sometime! She was super nice and so great with our son. Very appreciative. ~Tara, Lakewood Ranch, FL (October 2021) 

Olivia was awesome and we hope she is available when we come down again in the future. She played and played and I never worried for a second! ~Carly, New Canaan, CT (February 2021) 

Thanks very much for checking in. Everything went fine. I think your initial assessment of Kristen was generally right: we found her to be responsible, punctual, outgoing with a pleasant demeanor and the kids liked her. She has a high EQ and was able to take on more as the week progressed, which one would expect as she learned more about the kids and the way we operate.~Tom, Southhampton, NY (December 2020)

Nikki was wonderful! Punctual, engaging, friendly, helpful, responsive, tidy! ~Julia, Sarasota, FL (May 2020)

Olivia was fantastic and professional. She was very comfortable with Drew and jumped right in. It made me feel so much better leaving Drew just seeing how comfortable she was. I would highly recommend her! ~Alicia, Charlotte, NC (January 2020)

Virginia was very sweet and dependable. She always arrived a little early, which we appreciated, because it gave us more time to communicate with her about our daughter. She always immediately responded to my text messages. She even proactively sent text updates about how things were going, which I found to be very reassuring. Overall, we had a very positive experience with Virginia and would gladly use your service in the future. ~Teresa, Chicago, IL (January 2020)

Ellen was amazing, not only was she great with my daughter and made me feel comfortable leaving Lyla with someone we had never met before she was also very kind and respectful to my husband and me. Ellen was on time and Flexible and willing to work with our schedule. Ellen gave me updates both nights on my daughter throughout the night. With no hesitation I would recommend your service and especially Ellen. And if we are ever in the Sarasota area again would definitely have Ellen watch our daughter. ~Emma, Ambler, PA (November 2019)

We loved Hillary! She was great with the kids and put us at ease. We would like to hire her again in the future! ~Jim, Bradenton, FL (October 2019)

Brittany was great- she has a background in teaching and is comfortable with kids. Our daughter is 2 and really liked her. She fed her dinner, walked her around outside, gave her a bath, read her books, and put her to bed without much trouble! Even though my daughter was a little sad that we left her (we were visiting from out of town and staying in a strange new place), Brittany kept us updated on how things were going throughout the night. We used her two nights in a row and were very happy with our experience using her. If we come back, we’ll be sure to use her again! ~Emily, Madison, CT (September 2019)

We really enjoyed Chelsey. She seemed to be able to handle our mischievous boys quite well. Hope to see her again. ~Leslie, Sarasota, FL (September 2019)

We all love Alex, especially Thomas and Lucy. She has been our sitter while we are on Anna Maria Island for a few years now and we couldn’t be happier. She is engaging, the kids love her and she is on time. ~Mary, Portland, OR (October 2019)

Lindsey was very engaging and the kids loved her! She was early. We were very pleased. Thank you for your help! ~Bonnie, Boston, MA (October 2019)

Just a quick note – Chelsea was fantastic. I was nervous not having a relationship with her ahead of time, but things were great. My daughter took an instant liking to her, and she was sleeping soundly when we got back. ~Lauren, Philadelphia, PA (July 2019)

Hi Debra, I just wanted to pass along a note thanking you for Shelby! She’s been absolutely amazing this week handling Mia. We can’t wait to have her back again. ~Meghan, Bradenton, FL (August 2019)

We were very happy with your services and Kaitlyn! She was great with the kids! If we are ever in the area again we will definitely reach out for another visit! ~Karishma, Chicago, IL (August 2019)

My kids had a great experience with Hillary and enjoyed their time with her. She was on time (actually about 10 minutes early), came prepared with games and fun for the kids and was very communicative with me during the day. We were very happy with her services and would definitely use her and your services in the future. Thank you for follow up. ~Kris, Bradenton, FL (September 2019)

Your services are excellent. Debra was responsive and accommodating and Hillary was wonderful. We will use you again when we return. Thank you. ~Tara, Philadelphia, PA (September 2019)

I just wanted to drop a note and say thank you for all the help this past weekend. We’re really impressed with the service and also impressed with both Ann and Dominique. We are looking forward to using your service again soon! ~Allyson, Bradenton, FL (March 2019)

Kayla was great! She made the kids feel very comfortable and she even did the dishes! We were very happy with the service and will absolutely use Elite again when we are back in town next spring. ~Jennifer, Lincolnshire, IL (March 2019)

Thank you so much for contacting me. I was so nervous to leave my boys. I had a pretty bad accident a few days prior, and it just left me sort of shell-shocked and nervous. My boys sometimes exhibit some separation anxiety, so I was concerned about that as well. Emily immediately put my nerves to ease. She was wonderful. She brought toys and started up conversation with my boys right away. They hardly even wanted to say goodbye to me. I was really happy with the service and with Emily, and we will definitely use you again if we visit Sarasota again! ~Liz, Park Ridge, IL (March 2019)

Fabulous service! Loved Raven! ~Michele, Rockwood, PA (March 2019)

Michelle B. was great. She arrived on time, asked the right questions and made me feel comfortable leaving them with a new face. She also brought a few board games in case they needed a structured activity. Very thoughtful. I would definitely ask for her again! ~Christine, New York, NY (March 2019)

Thank you so much for your great services! You guys were so easy to work with and Michelle B. was just lovely. We would absolutely use Elite again and request Michelle! ~Molly, Brooklyn, NY (March 2019)

Tricia was wonderful and the whole experience was phenomenal! I would highly recommend Elite Family Care to other families and will use them again on our next trip to Long Boat Key. ~Andrea, Huntsville, AL (March 2019)

We had a great experience. Brieanna was awesome. I would definitely use Elite again and refer you to others. ~Isaiah, Kissimmee, FL (March 2019)

Mirna was great! We would definitely use her again. Kids loved her and everything went smoothly. ~Ayla, Sarasota, FL (March 2019)

Thank you for reaching out. Your service was fantastic and Michelle and Stacey were wonderful! It was so nice to be able to get out without 7 kids for a night during our vacation. I typically put our youngest (2 1/2yrs) to bed for almost every babysitter but with Stacey and Michelle I felt confident that they could do it. I’m hoping they were as happy with us as we were with them! I will definitely be in touch the next time we are in Siesta Key. ~Kate, New Canaan, CT (April 2019)

I just wanted to say thank you again for sending Hillary to watch our kids today while Emmet and I went to Universal. She was amazing. Both kids had a great time and she made sure they were happy, safe, fed, and clean! She even got both of them to nap during the day. She went above and beyond when one of our children wet the bed she washed the bedclothes. She also did the dishes and walked the dog. I know we were a tall order with two little ones for a 12-hour day, but we were so lucky to have Hillary. We are so glad that you could send her our way today. ~Catherine, Palmetto, FL (February 2019)

Alexandria was fantastic! She is our go to sitter when we come to AMI. Thank you. ~Mary, Portland, OR (February 2019)

The day went well with Kelsi, my husband got home first and said that the kids had a great day and were happy and content. They went to the park and were engaged throughout the day. Thanks so much for the time and effort you spend getting sitters for the Elite team. ~Lauren, Bradenton, FL (February 2019)

Kaitlyn was awesome! This is the second time we were able to use her so it was great because the kids already knew her & she kind of knew our routine, etc. We use you all quite frequently when we are down visiting my parents in Sarasota & really have had such wonderful sitters! Thanks so much for checking in! ~Beth, NY, NY (January 2019)

I just wanted to follow up with you in regards to Emily P. She was fantastic! She was sweet, tidy, and loads of fun. When I asked my 3-year old how her night was, she simply replied, “Mom, I has a blast!” That says something coming from her. We will absolutely be using Elite Family Care again in the future and will be requesting Emily when at all possible. Thank you for your services in helping parents feel at ease while away from their littlest humans! ~Julia, Sarasota, FL (January 2019)

Ann was wonderful, in fact the best we’ve had thus far so thank you so much, we really appreciate your services! ~Ana, Memphis, TN (January 2019)

Haley was FANTASTIC! The kids really liked her. She is such a nice person, great with kids and very professional. Thank you for assigning her to us. Your service is excellent. We will be using Elite again over the holidays. ~Bob, Sarasota, FL (October 2018)

Grace was awesome! Morgan loves her and she kept us updated and asked questions when needed. Morgan missed us before bedtime so Grace called so Morgan could say goodnight. We were very happy with her. ~Molly, Ellenton, FL (October 2018)

Just want to let you know that Erin and Kelly did a great job with Sasha. They were always on time and extremely professional and always happy. Again, thanks and the next time we are down there, I will not hesitate to call your group again. ~Alex, Washington, D.C. (May 2018)

Caitlin was great! My daughter loved her! She brought special toys that she knew my daughter would love and really catered to her needs. ~Jill, Clearwater, FL (June 2018)

Hello, I just wanted to send a note along saying Stacey was awesome. Our kids really enjoyed her, she was a true professional, and we would be happy to recommend her to anyone. Thanks, will be in touch on our next trip down! ~Nina, Old Greenwich, CT (April 2018)

Betty was awesome—thank you! The kids loved her and she was VERY attentive from the moment she walked in. Between Brittany and Betty, we have the best sitters and it really puts me at ease to know that our kiddos are in good hands. ~Maggie, Palmetto, FL (April 2018)

I just wanted to let you know what an excellent job Stacey did! The kids had a ball and so did Mom & Dad! ~Jennifer, Sarasota, FL (April 2018)

Ashlee was great, worked out well and kids enjoyed their evening with her. We have family that lives on the island so we visit often. Will definitely contact you for our visit next year! ~Jessica, Denver, CO (April 2018)

Kathy was absolutely fantastic and we recommend your services to other friends in the area. I can’t thank you all enough! She was on time (early actually!) and she brought fun activities for Henry to do and she was so sweet. When we go back to Longboat we will be requesting her again! ~Taylor, Louisville, KY (December 2017)

Our sitter Julie T. was wonderful. She was warm, interesting & very engaging with adults and my two grandkids. Jack & Lilly loved Julie as a sitter. Highly would recommend her and your services. ~Cheri, North Canton, OH (December 2017)

Thank you for the follow up. We enjoyed Carly. We felt safe leaving her with our 6- month old daughter. She was on time and agreed to stay a little longer one evening. She was also very flexible. She was more than accommodating, and we enjoyed having her watch our daughter. ~Lindsey, Mission Hills, KS (December 2017)

Melanie was fantastic, on time, engaging and we did feel comfortable leaving our children with her. ~Amber, Springfield, VA (November 2017)

Alysia was great. She is on the top of our list. Please keep her in mind for our next sitter. ~Merete, Sarasota, FL (September 2017)

Kalina was very good, and showed up a few minutes early. The girls were happy with her and she was engaged with a game with both of them when I got back. Thanks for sending her over! ~Daphne, Venice, FL (September 2017)

Kelly W was great. It was Friday and our daughter, Chastity, had a long week so we didn’t leave much instructions other than to keep our daughter safe. Chastity enjoyed talking with Kelly. Kelly is very personable and easy to talk with. We would use her again for sure. I hope she felt welcomed and would work with us again also. ~Candice, Sarasota, FL (September 2017)

Makenzie was wonderful! So sweet and did a great job. Thank you so much for sending her so quickly. It is very much appreciated! ~Rachel, Sarasota, FL (August 2017)

Elaynne and Courtney were great! Elaynne was very proactive, mature, excellent with the kids in the first few minutes she arrived. She didn’t require much guidance. I love that she dove in and just managed one of the children while I had the other. I really appreciated her patience with the kids and take charge personality. It really helped a lot. She is wonderful. Courtney was also fantastic. She was quieter. However she is very kind, polite, energetic and great with the kids. Thank you for sending me such great girls. They really helped. I always recommend you in the Lakewood ranch moms group on Facebook, and our Nextdoor neighbour app. You have a great service. ~Tracie, Bradenton, FL (August 2017)

Hayley was fabulous, thank you! Punctual, easy to get ahold of, communicated things well with us, and the boys really liked her. Thank you again! ~Stephanie, Dallas, TX (June 2017)

Kathy was so great! We are so thankful she came to watch our son for the evening! ~Lauren, Georgetown, TX (June 2017)

Jennifer was great! She was on time, professional, friendly and great with the kids. Thank you very much for your service. ~Sydney, Atlanta, GA (May 2017)

Kaylee and Coleen were great. Very attentive, brought a craft bag, the kids loved them and they were complete strangers. Highly recommend. ~Elizabeth, Tampa, FL (May 2017)

I would say that Jade is an expert! She was able to come in and adapt to my kids in such a short time period. I had the rest of the family sneak out and left last. My kids caught on but Jade was able to distract them AND put them to bed before we got home (MIRACLE!). My son is particularly difficult. She answered every worried text and kept me updated throughout the night. I would use her again next year! Thanks so much! ~Kate, Winter Park, FL (May 2017)

My son Henry loved Hannah very much and he wants to see her again on our next vacation to Anna Maria. Thank you for the great service and if you speak with Hannah please tell her that she was great! ~Anke, Germany, (April 2017)

Kaylee was great. She brought activities for the kids to do, played with them, took them to the park in the condo complex. My kids enjoyed spending time with her and were excited to see her the next time she came. She texted us updates throughout the night. I would highly recommend her to others. Very personable. ~Lynn, Zionsville, IN (March 2017)

I just wanted to let you know Christina was awesome. The kids loved her and she cleaned everything up before we got back. She was so friendly and sweet. Please tell her we said thank you! ~Rhea, Sarasota, FL (March 2017)

Emily was awesome! She was great with my son and a very sweet young lady. Would definitely love to have her come back again! Thank you! ~Caprina, Sarasota, FL (March 2017)

Makenzie was great, definitely one of our top favorites! She was great with the kids and went over and above to help us around the house. ~Jordan, Sarasota, FL (March 2017)

Alexandria was great. Related well to our four kids very quickly, arrived promptly, was well presented and a pleasure to have in the house. Fully recommend her. ~Tamara, Longboat Key, FL (March 2017)

Dominique was great! My 3-year old son liked her and she was good with putting our baby down. ~Caroline, New York, NY (March 2017)

Jennifer, Kaylee, and Ashlee were great, arrived on time, followed the schedule I asked for, flexible with having different family members of mine pop in and out during the day, etc. We look forward to using your services next year. ~Lindsay, Atlanta, Ga (March & April 2017)

We had another wonderful experience using Elite Family Care over our vacation to Siesta Key. Ashlee and Summer were professional, on time, experienced, and truly did a wonderful job watching our children. We will definitely be contacting Elite Family Care on our next visit to Florida. ~Elizabeth, Park Ridge, IL (March 2017)

We loved having Ashlee help us down there in Florida. My son Grayson absolutely loved her warm smile and playful spirit. Also, I felt extremely confident in her ability to care for Grayson while I was away. We will definitely contact you in the future for further babysitting needs. ~Katherine, Chicago, IL (February & March 2017)

Elite Event You guys are rock stars. Totally professional and totally amazing! I am so sorry I’m just getting a chance now to thank you and let you know how wonderful Elite was during the ceremony. So many families have come to us since the 4th to let us know how much they appreciated the child care options and that their children had a blast with the Elite team.

I walked into the house a few times and was blown away. First off, it looked like a disco party in here…and it was packed with kids…and they were all having the best time ever!

I am forever grateful and cannot thank you ladies enough. Please let each girl know how happy we were with the professionalism, fun, love, and care that they provided. Having Elite here truly made my wedding a success. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. ~Jamie, Sarasota, FL (February 2017)

Sonja was absolutely wonderful. We wish we could take her home with us. Thanks for sending her to us. We tipped her well. ~Jacob, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (October 2016)

Elaynne was great! We really liked her and felt comfortable leaving the 3 boys with her while staying on Longboat Key. Our two older boys didn’t want to have a babysitter and seemed resistant to her when she arrived. But when we got back, she had won them over. Two big oversized thumbs-up from us. ~Larry, Chandler, AZ (October 2016)

Ashlee and Jennifer were both great sitters. We were very pleased. They had great attitudes and even brought fun activities for the kids. We have recommended the service to other families who stay on Anna Maria. ~Kelly, Nashville, Tn (October 2016)

Summer was great! The kids loved her instantly and she respected the “rules” I set in place for them. She brought fun games and toys which was so sweet my oldest who is 3.5yrs old still asks/talks about Summer. Thank you so much for providing a great sitter for us while staying at the Ritz, Sarasota. ~Cassandra, Scotch Plains, NJ (October 2016)

We absolutely LOVED Sonya. She was like Florida Mary Poppins. She took wonderful care of the kids while we stayed on Anna Maria. She was totally engaged with them while caring for them, and also made our time easier by keeping the kitchen clean (even if she wasn’t the one who made the mess). I felt completely safe with her having the kids in the pool or taking them to the beach. In short, we had a great experience, and would happily give her an unequivocal recommendation. ~Emily, Washington, DC (May 2016)

Ashlee was great! She was on time and showed up prepared with games and toys for our three year old. She was very friendly and energetic. We were totally comfortable with our kids in her care. ~Michael, Lake Mary, Fl (July 2016)

Kaylee was excellent. Arrived on time. She brought a bag of toys to entertain my children. My 2 year old, who takes time to warm up to people, took a liking to Kaylee right away. ~Sureka, Lutz, FL (July 2016)

Kaylee was great, I left a 5 star review on Yelp as well. ~Shannon, Miami, FL (July 2016)

Kelly was great! The twins wanted us to make her our full time Baby Sitter/Nanny!! ~Bob, Apopka, Fl (July 2016)

Just wanted to say that Kelly was amazing! Thank you so much for pairing our family up with such wonderful caring people. I look forward to seeing Kelly again tonight and Elaynne tomorrow. Have a great day, ~Jamie, Sarasota, FL (September 2016)

Ashlee was wonderful. We would use her again. Very friendly, fun & professional. ~Jennifer, Tampa, FL (May 2016)

Bailey was great! We have used your service twice now with great results. Thanks! ~Rachael, Riverside, CT (April 2016)

Amber was great- very sweet and punctual. The kids seemed to really enjoy her as well. We would recommend her to others as well as your service. ~Ann, Fairfield, CT (April 2016)

I just wanted to say that I have never left my little 9 month old with anyone, and at home we do not have much support. So when booking your service, I was nervous. When Kristin arrived my little girl gave her the biggest cuddle and I never worried since then. When we left the room Kristin was on the floor reading books and singing to my little girl. She was just perfect. Thank you so much for providing a wonderful person to look after our little girl. We have never felt so much at ease. When we are back in the area ringing yourselves will be the first thing I do. ~Kim, England (April 2016)

I highly recommend Morgan. She is prompt, professional, experienced and enjoys children. She is also very nice. ~Sharon, Cohasset, MA (February 2016)

I just wanted to say thank you for sending such a wonderful babysitter to us on March 24th and 25th. Taylore was absolutely amazing! We will definitely be requesting her again. I only wish she would come back to Toronto with us! ~Jessica, Bradenton, FL (February 2016)

I just wanted to thank you SO much for helping us out. Elaynne was absolutely incredible and our boys loved her. It was a little nerve wracking thinking about trusting our boys with someone on vacation. And Elite Family Care and Elaynne made us feel very comfortable and safe that our boys were not only in good hands, but that they had a lot of fun also! ~Craig, South Salem, NY (April 2016)

Rachael was on point, connected with my daughter right away, and I felt very comfortable leaving my child with her. Excellent asset. ~Maria, Sarasota, FL (December 2015)

My mom adored Angela and said she was fantastic with my daughter. She said she would love to have her come sit again! Amber was also great. Interacted well with her and followed all our instructions well. I really appreciated that both girls were watching Gage and not watching TV or playing with their phones, etc. I visit my parents frequently in Sarasota and we’ve used your service several times and always felt that the sitters are competent, knowledgeable, and enjoy being around children! ~Elizabeth, New York, NY (December 2015)

We were excited to have Ashley back. She did another great job for both of our babysitting dates. We love how she brings a few new activities for the kids and keeps us updated with texts throughout the night. We hope to have her again the next time we’re in Florida. ~Megan, Northbrook, IL (December 2015)

Nicole and Jennifer were great. They arrived on time and were very professional. They texted with updates when the kids were asleep. The oldest had a lot of fun with them as they came with lots of fun games and activities, such as Uno and make your own pillowcase. ~Dominique, New York, NY (December 2015)

Angela was fantastic. She was on-time and professional. Her interaction with our daughter was wonderful. She didn’t even notice when I left the room… and that never happens! She loved Angela. My husband and I wish she lived up here in Illinois so that we could have her babysit all the time. I give the highest recommendation possible to Angela. Also, we had Judy at Remarkable Photography do photos for us. She did a wonderful job! We purchased ALL OF THEM! ~Sarah, Aurora, IL (December 2015)

Ashley was great! Love having her watch the kids. We will be back in March and would be great to have her back. ~Christine, New York, NY (December 2015)

Thank you Elite Family Care. While on our vacation to Siesta Key you provided us with an amazing sitter Leanne for 2 nights. This is the 2nd year we have used your service and could not be happier. Our boys keep asking if Leanne can come home with us. Thank you again! ~Kristen, Villa Park, IL (October 2015)

Just wanted to tell you Amber was wonderful. She was pleasant, professional, and really great with the kids. ~Laura, Sarasota (October 2015)

Debra, thank you for providing a wonderful service for my family the last few months. We have enjoyed all the ladies that have been sent out to care for our daughter. Siobhain was exceptionally good in many ways. She has gone above and beyond in the short amount of time we have known her. You can feel there is a special pride she takes when she is doing her job, she treats P like she is her own child. ~Jules, Sarasota (October 2015)

Our girls really enjoyed their time with Kelly. They went swimming, they played, ordered room service, I would definitely use her again. ~Leslie, Brighton, MI (June 2015)

Rachael was wonderful!! It’s hard leaving my 16 month old with someone that I don’t know, but she was very professional and sincere, and made me comfortable leaving my son with her. ~Kelli, Windermere, FL (June 2015)

Claudia arrived promptly, performed the supervisory services in line with our expectations and was pleasant to deal with. ~Stephen, Langhorne, PA (May 2015)

Thank you, Kristin was amazing! She sent pictures was very gentle and very prompt! We had a reservation issue at restaurant and came early to help us out. She was wonderful! ~Maryam, Altamonte Springs, FL (June 2015)

Dailey was wonderful! She was sweet and very good with our daughter. I wish she lived in Dallas! ~Courtney, Dallas, TX (May 2015)

Nicole S was fantastic and would love to use her again the next time we are in town. The kids especially loved her and were sad when she had to leave. ~Allison, Lake Oswego, OR (June 2015)

I cannot say enough nice things about Kristin. We had never left our son with anyone except close friends and family. I felt very comfortable with Kristin from the beginning. She was professional, friendly, personable and very outgoing with our son. I doubt we will be back to the area any time in the near future, but if we were we would absolutely utilize EFC’s services and request Kristin specifically. ~Melissa, Gilbertville, PA (May 2015)

Caroline was great, very responsible Chloe LOVED her. ~Isabel, New York, NY (February 2015)

Hey Debra! Just wanted to let you know Jordyn did a fantastic job! She was very fun with the kids and totally on top of her game. She fit in with the family perfectly. Mark and I were actually arguing who had to empty the dishwasher when we got home and she had actually already done it! That was a terrific surprise! ~Cassie, Bradenton, FL (March 2015)

Both Danielle and Caroline did a great job! They both sent me text updates when I didn’t even ask them too…which I really appreciated! They are professional and very sweet girls….I am so happy to know your service is there when I need it! ~Shelly, Sarasota, FL (March 2015)

Mandy was fantastic – very informative and followed up on calls promptly. I would recommend her to anybody that I know. ~Jennifer, Lexington, MA (November 2014)

I can’t thank you enough. I was really anxious about having to leave my kids when I went out of town, but your professionalism and the good reviews on your website helped ease my mind. Even though my request was kind of last minute, you were somehow able to schedule Jennifer, Elaynne and Melanie to cover all three days for which I requested help. Your screening process must be truly excellent because all three of them were absolutely wonderful!! Every time I called home, the kids were happy and excited to tell me about all the fun things they were doing. My mother raved about all three girls, as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your service to anyone and will definitely call you next time I need help!! Thank you again. ~Julie, Saudi Arabia (October 2014)

Dominique was great! My son really enjoyed being with her, and he’s not always the easiest to please… Everything went very well and it was wonderful to be able to relax each day knowing that we could be child-free without concerns. We would absolutely recommend Dominique to any future parents and would be thrilled to have her help again on future trips. Thank you for great services, as always. ~Carey, Alexandria, VA (October 2014)

Mandy was fantastic! She was prompt, reliable and safe. She was sweet, energetic and a true delight to work with. Mandy brought age appropriate toys which was a real treat. My daughter Juliet who is 18 months went right to Mandy and wanted to read books and play, this is the first time our daughter has not immediately cried when seeing a new face as we depart! I wish we could take Mandy back to Oregon with our family. ~Courtney, Portland, Oregon (October 2014)

We love Jennifer! This is the second time we’ve used her this year and both times she has WOWed us! She came prepared with activities and understands our compassionate approach to parenting. I would highly recommend her to anyone and although we were thankful for her the price being at $13/hour, we would have paid $15-$20 for care at that level. We are so impressed with Elite Family Care and wish that you had a branch in Denver. ~Megan, Colorado (October 2014)

We loved Mandy she did a great job with the kids. My boys loved her and were so excited when she came back on the 2nd day. They talked about liking Legos and she brought them for the boys to play with. She checked in with me through the night to let me know when my kids went to sleep and even cleaned up everything when we got home. I appreciated the call from her prior to the night that she babysat so we could discuss what the boys liked and where we were staying. Mandy was super friendly and down to earth, we would love to have her again on our next trip or recommend her to anyone else. ~Kristen, Villa Park, IL (October 2014)

My children loved Ashley M. The fact that she brought activities was great. We’d definitely use her again. ~Leslie, Anna Maria, FL (October 2014)

I cannot say enough about Kelli, the babysitter we hired yesterday. She was fantastic with my one-year-old and made us feel completely at ease leaving our baby with someone else for the first time. Thank you, Debra, and Elite staff! ~Diane, Bradenton, FL (Sept. 2014)

Mandy was fantastic. She arrived early both days, was great with our son and proactively texted me updates on the baby. Thanks again! ~Annette, New York, NY (August 2014)

I can’t tell you how wonderful the service you provide is. My son is only 13 months old and has never been with a babysitter (other than daycare) and I was quite anxious about what I was going to do so that I could attend a family wedding. Our hotel recommended Elite Family Care. Elaynne was very professional, great to talk to and asked all the right questions. She arrived promptly and was so pleasant. My son barely noticed when I left When I got back, my son was sleeping away. All the instructions that I left for his care were followed to the letter. I really just can’t say enough, as a new (single) parent, how wonderful my experience was. I would highly recommend your services to anyone, especially when traveling. ~Nicole, Old Orchard Beach, ME (August 2014)

Cole was a perfect choice for us! Our little guy, Carson, is our first so we are very reluctant to leave him, thus why we brought him on vacation with us. Cole immediately got his attention and kept him smiling and laughing. Cole was fantastic with our little guy, she made us feel completely comfortable and kept up great communication upon us checking in. I would gladly request Cole upon our next visit and highly recommend her to any family of a little one! ~Mike, Buda, TX (July 2014)

Amber was wonderful. Our children have already asked if we can have her again when we come back. Very punctual and she brought some activities and books for the children to do with her. ~John, Atlanta, GA (June 2014)

Mandy was phenomenal. My kids loved her and she was super sweet! We will definitely use your service every time we are in town. ~Camilla, Mooresville, NC (June 2014)

We adored Cassandra!! The only bummer was that we do not live in Sarasota and so we can’t see her more regularly! She has a great personality, was lovely to be around, and my children loved her! They said that she was so much fun. They don’t get many babysitters being that we have so many family members around us at home. We were just thrilled to have met such a fun and sweet young lady. Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful experience! ~Jessica, Atlanta, GA (June 2014)

Jade was wonderful! She was very professional and provided texts to the group throughout the night so that we knew what was going on at home. The kids enjoyed their time with her and we were very happy to have her babysit. We would definitely recommend her to others and hope to use her again next time we come to Anna Maria Island! ~Kristen, Denver, CO (June 2014)

Thank you so very much for helping us out on Tuesday and being so flexible. Calvin’s surgery went well and he is feeling much better. It was great knowing James was well taken care of by Maria while we were in St. Pete. We love her! ~Rhea, Sarasota, FL (May 2014)

I would just like to say a big thank you for sending Jennifer Coker to look after our 2 year and 7 month old whilst we were on vacation on Anna Maria Island. She spent 7 hours with them and without meeting with her prior, she was fantastic with both children, especially Kai who is quite demanding. When we got home they were having a whale of a time. Thank you ~Mulin, (May 2014)

We had a great experience with Elaynne while on Longboat for our vacation. It was so wonderful to have a little time to ourselves without our daughter, and to know she was in good hands. Hearing from you the week before our trip and hearing from Elaynne a couple days before she was babysitting was very nice and made me feel comfortable. I loved that she showed up in a company shirt and brought some activities for my daughter. She was friendly, professional and very kind. I appreciate you giving us the option of declining permission to play outside orswim. Also, the up to date background checks were helpful in making us feel comfortable leaving the sitter with our daughter. Overall, a great experience, definitely worth the money. Thank you for the help. ~Emily, Carmel, IN (April 2014)

Dominique was great. My older daughter asked about her after she left and was happy to play with her. Thanks again! ~Jodie, Toronto, Ontario (April 2014)

Chloe was wonderful! What a delightful young lady. Chloe was mature for her age, very engaging with our two children and I was so impressed that she stayed with my five year old in his room until he fell to sleep – no TV or iPhone for her – she was so attentive! Chloe is a real asset to your organization – you are lucky to have her and we were so fortunate to have met her. If we visit next year we will definitely contact you again to request your services (and hopefully Chloe!). ~Sue, Newburyport, MA (April 2014)

Debra, I was beyond thrilled with the phenomenal care my children received from both Ashley M and Kathryn. I changed times on Ashley a couple times last minute and she really was kind about it. I’m not usually that type, but dealing with my 70 year old parents and 3 small kids threw some kinks into the schedule. Kathryn and Ashley gave me a break when I needed it most. Thank you times a million. We are back in PA now but look forward to working with you again. ~Molly, Malvern, PA (April 2014)

Kathy was a huge help, thank you. She made our stay much more relaxing and enjoyable. She was great! The kids loved her and both had no problem going with her, which isn’t always an easy task with a 3 year old and a 1 year old! She was fun, came with toys, eager to be helpful, proactive and very pleasant to be around. I would highly recommend her to anyone else. ~Victoria Gonzalez, Greenwich, CT (April 2014)

We really liked Mandy. She was on time and very accommodating. Though our newborn slept the whole time we were out I’m sure Mandy would’ve been great with her. We liked your service and will definitely recommend. ~Kerstin, Coral Springs, FL (April 2014)

We loved, Stephanie! She was just terrific. I know she’s getting married and may not be available next spring,(2015) when we return to Longboat Key, but we will certainly be requesting her again! Thanks so much for everything. ~Pepper, Arlington, VA (April 2014)

We love Elizabeth!! Thanks! ~Heather, New Rochelle, NY (April 2014)

Maria was great. Very flexible on timing and Quentin really enjoyed her company. The first day she called before coming to see what kinds of things he was into, and then brought him some little toys to play with. They were all right up his alley and very age appropriate. She also took him swimming on one of the chillier days. Kids will swim in any weather, but I thought it was sweet that she went with him when I’m fairly certain someone from FL had no interest being in the water on a low 70’s windy day.~Stephanie, Royal oak, MI (March 2014)

Thanks for all your help with coordinating our sitter. Stacey was great. She called me ahead of time to see what type of activities the kids would be interested in, she showed up on time, was very friendly and came equipped with lots of fun stuff. From the minute she showed up she dove into action – helping with dinner, etc. The kids had a lot of fun with her. Thanks a ton. ~ Jennifer, Wilmette, IL (December 2012)

We are absolutely thrilled with our experience with Elite Family Care. The babysitters were always on time, professional, caring with my children, were positive and loved to play. In addition, both babysitters would clean up messes, were very comfortable with meal time and changing diapers. They would bring toys and different activities for my children (2 and 4). It allowed me to have time for myself and my husband on our vacation. I would absolutely recommend Elite Family Care to any family looking for a babysitter. ~ Molly, Philadelphia, PA (December 2012)

Debra – We were very pleased with Carla. The boys really liked her and she was very engaging. ~ Laura, Orlando, FL (November 2012)

Thank you for the follow up. My kids loved Rebecca, she was very sweet and it made using a babysitter for the first time (outside of family) an enjoyable experience, the next morning my son came to me and said if we needed more adult time maybe Rebecca could come back. Thanks again and will definitely be in touch the next time we are in Florida. ~ Siri, Medinah, IL (October 2012)

It was a pleasure to work with Teresa. She was always on time, friendly and attentive, and we felt very comfortable leaving our son napping with her. When he did wake up, he was also very comfortable with her and happily played! Our only regret is not using your service from the beginning of our trip! We will certainly use your service and Teresa again on future visits. ~ Carey, Alexandria, VA (October 2012)

Ashley was absolutely wonderful! I was hesitant about having someone we didn’t know, especially being out of town since my kids had never stayed with a stranger, but she completely put my mind at ease. She was nice, professional, fun for the kids and communicated well with my husband and I. I also appreciated her bringing some activities for the kids. It helped break the ice and gave them something new to do being stuck in the hotel room. I don’t anticipate being in the Sarasota area again soon, but if I am I would use your service again and I would request Ashley. Thanks so much! ~ Kelly, Tulsa, OK (October 2012)

Good Afternoon, Debra! Both Amber and Ashley were absolutely wonderful. They were very professional, warm-hearted and our kids gave great reviews as well! That certainly helped us to feel confident in the safety of our children, which is hard to do never having met the person prior to!! Rest assured I will recommend your service to anyone I can. Thank you again… ~ Paul, Spring Hill, FL (October 2012)

My girls loved Kathryn! Alexandra wanted her to come back the next day! She was very warm and friendly and I immediately felt comfortable leaving my girls in her care. Emily, my one year old was a bit of a challenge but Kathryn texted me progress reports until she was asleep. Thanks to Kathryn, I actually enjoyed the wedding. Thank you so much! ~ Leslie, Quebec, Canada (October 2012)

“Kat”, as Sammy liked to call her, was great. She was very gentle and played well with Sammy. He really liked her! Thanks for arranging the nanny service at such short notice. I will be back again with Sammy and a newborn potentially in April. ~ Abbey, Canada (September 2012)

I want to thank you for sending Chelbe our way. My kids loved her and said she was their favorite part of our vacation!! She made me and my husband feel at ease from the moment we met her. Thank you!! ~ Ami, Lithia, FL (September 2012)

Sharon was great. Violet seemed to have had a great time, and especially loved the stickers and book that Sharon brought for her! We felt very comfortable leaving our daughter with her for the evening. Thanks again. ~ Jody, Brooklyn, NY (September 2012)

Hello Debra, I wanted to thank you for your services while staying at Hyatt on Siesta Key, and to express how happy my family and I were with Chelbe! I appreciate your prompt and open communication throughout the whole process. Chelbe truly was a joy to meet, and we were thrilled to see how much our son liked her. We could truly enjoyed our night out, trusting Chelbe and knowing that she would take good care of our son. We look forward to using your services again when we visit Sarasota in the future. ~ Mary, Saint Louis, MO (August 2012)

Jade was awesome – like a young Mary Poppins. ~ Lisa, Tampa, FL (August 2012)

Rebecca was amazing while we were staying at Ritz Carlton, Sarasota! I would use her again in a heartbeat. When Abigail awoke the next morning, her first words were, “where’s my babysitter”? Now that’s an endorsement. We will definitely use your service in the future. ~ Virginia, Dunedin, FL (August 2012)

Debra, Taylore was fantastic. Before we arrived I was impressed with her outreach when she called me the day before to learn more about our children and their interests. And when she arrived at the hotel our first impression was very strong. She is a credit and major asset to your family care services. If you or she ever needs a reference in Washington DC please let us know. She was great! ~ Tyson and Renee, Washington, D.C. (August 2012)

The kids loved Rebekah, she had a lovely manner with them. We felt very confident that they were safe and well looked after in her care. We had a great stay in Anna Maria thank you, and were very sad to leave. Thank you for sending Rebekah to us. We would recommend your company to friends, and certainly will do if they are ever staying the area. ~ Elizabeth, London, England (August 2012)

Nichole was amazing and we cannot say enough wonderful things about her! She really can handle boys and ours absolutely loved her! She had great energy, came prepared with activities and was just so thoughtful. She even gave us a card at the end! Thanks to Nichole, JP and I were able to have some real down time and a couple of nice meals out. We are returning to Holmes Beach in May and will definitely be booking with you again. Thanks so much to both you and Nichole! ~ Lisa & John-Paul, Toronto, Ontario (August 2012)

Lisa was excellent! She is very professional, punctual, and knowledgeable. She took good care of our 6-week-old and 19-month-old. She is a delight to work with. ~ Heather, Greenwich, CT (August 2012)

We had such a great time with Rebecca she is one of the sweetest girls we have ever had look after our children and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. She has a very kind, gentle nature and is able to come and get straight on with her job in a very professional manner. We were able to leave her in charge of our girls and go and enjoy ourselves knowing they were in good hands. ~ Hannah & Frank, London, England (August 2012)

Jade was amazing!! My daughter, Ruby, loved her. I was really impressed with her skills and that she brought her own toys for Ruby to play with. I felt comfortable with her right away. My only complaint is that you don’t have any services on the East Coast of Florida. :) Thank you so much for the follow up. ~ Rania, Chicago, IL (August 2012)

Claudia was amazing! All of the kids loved her and she even won over Samantha, our two year old, who I was the most concerned with. We hope that she is still available when we vacation next year because she made us feel so comfortable. Thank you so much for providing this much needed service and having such a wonderful person! ~ Cheryl, Fort Thomas, KY (August 2012)

Taylore is wonderful! Our little daughter is very happy with her, she is enjoying playing and going to the beach with Taylore. We are really appreciating Taylore, she is sweet and very careful, and we are really happy with her. She is perfect for the job. ~ Valerie & Christophe, Venice, France (July 2012)

I meant to email you yesterday and tell you how wonderful Rebecca was. She exceeded our expectations and the children loved her. I will definitely highly recommend you to all our friends. Thanks so much! ~ Sandy, Tampa, FL (July 2012)

Wow! AMAZING is all I have to say. Kristin was wonderful….she brought games, played with my kids and they had an absolute blast. Thank you….we will be using your services EVERY year when we do our Florida trips. ~ Kara, Charlotte, NC (July 2012)

The service was great, very easy to use. Carla was wonderful – I would highly recommend her. ~ Colleen, Miami, FL (July 2012)

Hi Debra, Just a quick note to thank you, Carla, and Kristin for making our children’s time in Sarasota so special and memorable, they had such fun with the girls! And Alex and I had a blast, with not a care in the world. Kristin and Carla were so professional, knowledgeable, and very capable. I hope we will make it back to Sarasota again sometime soon, and when we do, we will certainly be in touch! ~ Mary Claire & Alex, Miami Beach, FL (June 2012)

We were nervous to use a website for our babysitting needs. However, since we were on vacation we were left with this as our only choice. I am happy to say that Rebekah was really great with our 10 month old daughter and 5 year old nephew! The kids were drawn to her and had a lot of fun while we were away. We didn’t worry at all once we met her and spoke with her for just a few minutes. If we get back to Anna Maria anytime soon, we’ll definitely request her again! Thank you! ~ Danielle, Denver, CO (June 2012)

Nicole H was great with the boys. She brought lots of games and things for them to do. We really appreciate your service. Thanks, ~ Kode & Susan, Alpharetta GA (June 2012)

Carla was great. She was very sweet and took great care of our son. Our daughter nearly even stayed behind to play with her, she liked her that much. I would definitely recommend her to other families! Thanks so much, ~ Sarah, Edmonds, WA (June 2012)

As a mother of two young girls who have only been watched by our parents, I was very nervous to have a “stranger” come watch my girls. From the beginning, Debra kept me at ease about the entire situation and did not make me feel crazy for how nervous I was to use a sitter. We were so pleased with our experience. Laura was great with our girls and she too made me feel comfortable using the service. We were so pleased that we used her again two days later. I felt even better when my older daughter woke up the next day asking why her friend Laura was not over anymore. Thank you Debra and Laura for a great experience!! ~ Megan & Jerry, Seven Hills OH (June 2012)

Monique was amazing, wish she lived closer as I would hire her for my sitter all the time. ~ Jennifer, Sanford, FL (May 2012)

Kristen was great, on time, good connection with our 18 month old daughter, and an all-around pleasure to be around. We would definitely use her again. Hope to use your service again next year. ~ Jason & Laurie, Washington, D.C. (May 2012)

Hi Debra, I just wanted to tell you how absolutely wonderful Carla was with our son while staying at Longboat Key Club. She was extremely professional and personable and it really helped to make our night less stressful. We will definitely call you again if we are in the area. Thank you again! ~ Kristina & Mike, Belle Isle, FL (May 2012)

Sharon was wonderful with Nico during our recent stay at Ritz Carlton, Sarasota! He absolutely adored her and the second night she came, he immediately left us and went right to her and started playing with her. She left our room clean, was extremely pleasant and I could tell she had a lot of experience with infants and toddlers. Thanks so much for connecting us with her. We will definitely call you the next time we are in town. ~ Gina & Brian, Brooklyn, NY (May 2012)

Monique was absolutely perfect!! She arrived on- time, she was easy-going/flexible, and very professional. This was our first time using a babysitter and I felt completely comfortable leaving my children (ages 1 and 2) under Monique’s care. She does a wonderful job of being serious and direct while remaining kind and light-hearted. It’s a perfect combination that made my family feel very safe. Most importantly, my kids loved her and they had a great time! Thanks for providing such a wonderful service while we stayed at Ritz. If we return to Sarasota we will definitely be calling you and we will also be sure to recommend Elite Family Care to family and friends. ~ The Goodrich’s, Newburyport,, MA (May 2012)

Nichole was wonderful! The boys had a great time with her while visiting the Longboat Key Club. Thanks so much for choosing such a perfect match for our family. ~ Christine, Carmel, IN (April 2012)

Debra, the kids had fun with sitter Deonna while visiting the Tortuga Inn on Bradenton Beach. Thanks for the nice service. ~ Paige, Lincoln, NE (April 2012)

Thank you so much for connecting us to Monique and Kristin to watch our 17month old son while staying at Longboat Key Club. We all loved them both! They were prepared, professional and clearly very skilled in caring for children. I had no anxiety leaving our son in their care and had two wonderful dinners out with my husband! Thank you! ~ Erica, Saratoga Springs, NY (April 2012)

Thank you for your sitter service while staying on Lido Beach! Kim was great! The kids really liked her. She was on time, came with arts and crafts, and energetic. Thank you so much! ~ Laura, Westfield, NJ (April 2012)

Upon moving to a town where we did not know anyone, Elite Family Care became our child care savior. Debra is an ultimate professional and a caring individual. She has provided us with well trained and certified nannies that have delivered outstanding care for our 1 year old daughter. We recommend Elite Family Care to anyone that is in need of trustworthy child care services with a personal touch. ~ Nastassia, Bradenton, FL (April 2012)

Carla was absolutely wonderful! She was so sweet and helpful with my kids. They immediately loved her! Even my baby went to her. She was punctual and a pleasure to meet. We would definitely use her again and we will recommend your service to our family and friends who visit siesta key each year. My husband and I were able to go out for dinner and truly relax because we knew Carla would do a great job. Thank you for your help. We are so happy with how everything worked out and Carla was amazing! ~ Caroline, Naperville, IL (April 2012)

Elite Family Care was a wonderful experience. It was the first time we had used a sitter service and I couldn’t have been happier. The kids had so much fun with Tamaryn. She even got them to go to bed on time. ~ Donna, Chuluota, FL (April 2012)

We really appreciate the work that Melanie did for us this past weekend. Our daughter took to her immediately, and was very happy playing when we left to go out. Also, she kept us updated throughout the evening and was flexible on our return time as the event lasted later than expected. ~ Andrew & Kelly Pittsburg, PA (April 2012)

Monique our sitter, was beyond fantastic while we were visiting Anna Maria for a wedding! She was always 15 minutes early, very confident and loving with Beckett and I had absolutely no hesitation in leaving him with her. It was such a relief to know my precious boy was so well cared for. We actually were able to go out enjoy ourselves for the first time in a very long time! I can’t thank you enough for your service and I will definitely be using Elite Family Care when we are in Naples. Please feel free to give out my contact info for any concerned parents! ~ Sarah, Minneapolis, MN (April 2012)

Monique is a sweetheart and a great babysitter! We will definitely use your service again. ~ Shayla, Minneapolis, MN (March 2012)

Kim was absolutely positively wonderful!!!! I felt so comfortable knowing Shepherd was being taken care of by her. The wedding was great and Kim was such a blessing. Thank you for everything. ~ Christina, Manor, TX (March 2012)

Debra, 0ur two grand daughters (age 4 and 2) and I want to express our gratitude and say thanks for the wonderful child care service afforded us through your agency. Carla is a delightful young woman who made fast friends with the children and established early in our 3 day sitting an amazing sense of comfort and confidence with all of us. She is especially neat and tidy and engaged the children well with play and pool time. Parents arrive back tomorrow so until the next grandchildren arrive, best wishes for continued success. It will be a pleasure to be able to use this service again, and I will highly recommend you to others…especially Carla. ~ Susan, Sarasota, FL (March 2012)

Carla was great. She was very good with Colin and made us feel very comfortable leaving for a night out. We’re so glad we were able to have her both nights because it was obvious that Colin was happy to see her the second night. Thanks for all your help. ~ Megan, North Brook, IL (March 2012)

Tamaryn was awesome! She was so sweet to the kids and so concerned about getting our bedtime “rituals” right. She asked about the foods the kids were allowed/not allowed to eat, etc. She had great questions for us and was a good listener about the instructions we had for her. The kids had a blast with her and enjoyed the age-appropriate games she brought for them to play! We will use Elite Family Care again next Spring Break while visiting Siesta Key!!! ~ Lisa, Ijamsville, MD (March 2012)

Melanie was great! She handled five kids well and the 20 month old was a handful. Thanks again! I will use Elite Family Care for sure when I return to Sarasota. ~ Leah, Winter Garden, FL (March 2012)

Debra, just wanted to say that Rachel was great and the girls had a wonderful time. They were upset with us because we came back earlier than we said we would. We actually stayed out later with the others in our group so the girls could have another hour with Rachel. I definitely recommend her! ~ Jennifer, Ontario, Canada (December 2011)

We really had a great time at our Christmas party at Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort in Bonita Springs. Linda was a great babysitter. She was on time, the kids loved her, and she knew how to keep the kids occupied with lots of fun activities. We will definitely want to use her again soon. We look forward to using your service again! ~ Novita & Mike, Cape Coral, FL (December 2011)

Hi Debra, Katrina was great! She did really fun crafts with the kids both nights. They really liked her. Thank you for everything. We usually visit once a year and we will be in touch for sure next time we visit. ~ Jamie, Ballwin, MO (December 2011)

Thank you for taking care of our special needs son. We had a great afternoon kayaking Nichole was great! We will be calling you when we return to Sarasota. ~ Chip, Washington, DC (December 2011)

Hi Debra, our kids loved Kim! She showed up at Longboat Key Club with a bag of arts and crafts that had the kids interested in the first minute. When we got home they were all giggling playing a game she had brought. She had done dinner with the kids and all the dishes were cleaned up. We were very pleased and would love to have Kim again when we return. Thanks so much! ~ Jen, Wilmette, IL (December 2011)

Thanks so much for helping us this week-end! Kim was great! She was very flexible and came early the last night when our schedule changed. Our daughter loved her! We will definitely use your service when we return to the area. ~ Cameron, Brooklyn, NY (November 2011)

Just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful time in Florida! Sharon was great and I would definitely use you again should we return to the area. So nice to have such a great nanny/babysitter service that we can trust! ~ Anne, Minneapolis, MN (October 2011)

Debra, just wanted to thank you for your help on Monday. I know it was an extreme last minute request and you helped me out of a jam. Everything worked out wonderfully and I was happy with Nichole. We will continue to use your service for our back-up care and evening babysitter services. I will be happy to recommend you to anyone! ~ Cyndi, Bradenton, FL (June 2011)

Elite Family Care arranged for Claudia to watch my girls (3 years & 7 months), twice while vacationing on Longboat Key. Not only did I feel at easy with her and her experience, but my girls took to her right away. My three year old was thrilled when she came back the second time. Thank you for allowing us to enjoy some adult time while on vacation. ~ Katie, Church, VA (May, 2011)

We absolutely loved Sharon sitting for us while staying at Longboat Key Club. She was simply wonderful! I loved how comfortable she made me feel and her disposition was so laid back and calm. She made our son smile as soon as she met him. We look forward to calling you in the future and passing Elite Family Care’s name on to friends who may visit the area. ~ Elizabeth, Elyria, OH (May 2011)

Mandy, thank you so much for taking such great care of our boys during our visit to Siesta Key. We truly love the area and look forward to using your services when we return. ~ Jenny & Mike, Salem, MA (April 2011)