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Kids Setting Goals

Every year in January many parents set goals for themselves. It may be dreams: work related, health related and so much more. We write them all down and then start working on a plan to get there. What about the kids? Can you imagine how much children can learn and grow if they begin goal-setting at a young age? Why…

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Avoiding Conflict with your Child

  There are some smart ways to stop whining, hyper-activity, or tantrums before they even start, because once the anxiety reaches overload, it becomes that much harder to ease. First, note objects that are just too tempting to little hands, and remove them from the scene. Why leave things out that you know may lead to anger when you take…

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What to do when your Child is Clingy

Some young ones are rather independent from the start. Others are a bit insecure and clingy.  Resist both the temptation to lose patience with the clingy child as well as the temptation to cater to the clinginess.  Here are a few steps that may help.  Make sure your child isn’t clingy because of illness or extra emotional stress.  Don’t allow…

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