Separating the Good From the Great Sarasota Nannies

by | May 23, 2012

There are nannies and then there are Nannies. Of course, you want to use the best nannies available for your kids. What are ten factors that will separate the good nannies from the great ones?

Great Sarasota Nannies

1)   Of course, experience with kids is assumed but not just an hour here or two hours there. We look for nannies who have cared for children for many hours at a time–maybe for weeks and months at a time. That’s what nannies face: offering care giving to kids every day week after week. It takes a world of patience.

2)   Multi-tasking is always a necessity when nannying. We don’t want applicants who find it frustrating and difficult to handle more than one task at a time. Individuals like this may want to think twice about this calling.

3)   If the host parents must be at work on time each day; or if nannies picking kids up and dropping them off at various places every day, it’s very important that they’re punctual. If they’re always running a few minutes late, that’s not going to fly with a schedule like this.

4)   Sarasota nannies will be receiving instructions often from parents and they will have to communicate honestly about the job the nannies are doing and what they need from them. If a nanny is over-sensitive, they will not feel that they can share honestly what they need from her.

5)   On the other side of the coin, the nanny must be able to communicate honestly with the parents. If a nanny is not a good communicator or if she finds it hard to tactfully let her issues be known, then she may have a hard time being content as a nanny.

6)   Some people are always a bit hesitant to bond with others. They’re afraid they won’t be liked or they might be afraid of getting hurt. Well, great nannies are able to bond with the families they serve, especially with the children, of course. In the best situations, nannies become a member of the family.

7)   When working with children, hygiene is important—the nanny’s as well as the kids’. It can also help keep bugs from spreading from child to child and then to the nanny. A nanny doesn’t want to be down sick very often.

8)   It really helps for a nanny to be organized.  If everything is done haphazardly, the nanny will find that she’s neglecting duties expected of her and she won’t understand why.

9)   A nanny doesn’t want to constantly be taken advantage of, but, at the same time, her schedule may have to be somewhat flexible.  The hours may vary somewhat from week to week. They will vary even more between summer and when school’s in session. If an individual hates flexing her schedule, she may find herself irritated quite often.

10)I realize a nanny has a private life and she has, of course, developed her own habits over the years, but some habits should be restrained during her time with the kids. Most parents prefer nannies who do not smoke.  Her language should be 100% clean.  Even slang words should not be spoken in front of a child.

Being a nanny can be one of the most fulfilling roles ever, but aspiring nannies must make sure that they’re best suited to it.  The most important characteristic, of course, is an undying love for children and never tiring of their care. Separating the good from the great Sarasota nannies is what we strive for. Elite Family Care offers Sarasota nanny placements as well as placements in Bradenton, Fort Myers, all the way south to Naples. You can count on the best applicants through Elite Family Care.

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