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by | Oct 22, 2011

How do you find the perfect nanny in Sarasota?   Sarasota’s Elite Family Care can do the work for you?  Whether you are parents who have full-time jobs or are one of two stay-at-home parents who run your own business, a nanny can greatly assist you with meeting your obligations. Hiring a nanny, however, can be an intimidating, tedious and complex process. Knowing the basics when hiring a nanny can prevent stress and worry before and after the process is complete.

This is where we come in.  Elite Family Care a Sarasota, FL based company provides nanny placement services to Southwest Florida.  Our service areas include Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, Fort Myers, Naples and everything in between. 

First, put together a list of the expectations you have for a nanny. Decide what her pay will be, how many hours per week she will work, whether she will only be in charge of the children or will be responsible for other household chores.  Include personality traits, characteristics or strengths that would be useful for the tasks at hand.

Next, talk to a financial adviser to assess any legal responsibilities placed upon you in hiring a nanny. You may be required to file documentation with the IRS for tax purposes or to pay your nanny as an employer. Paying a nanny “under the table” has legal ramifications, so take precautions to avoid this situation. Once you hire a nanny, keep track of all financial records and payments to her for at least four years for tax purposes.

Now you are ready to start looking for the perfect nanny to meet your family’s needs.  So how do you go about it?  You can run ads and go through the rigorous process of screening both over the phone and in person, or you can use your local Sarasota Elite agency, Elite Family Care. We handle everything for you.  Please check out our website at

We meet with each family and talk about your needs in a nanny.  We offer ideas and suggestions related to your families needs.  Then we begin searching for the perfect nanny for your family.  Many times we are already working with a pool of nannies and sometimes we have to do a search for the nanny that is right for you and your family.  We conduct an extensive interview with each candidate, we check out their past verifiable references as a nanny or childcare provider, and we run a nationwide background screening on our candidates, which include DMV records.

Now it is time to schedule an initial interview with the potential nanny.  Do not include the children at the first meeting; schedule a follow-up interview that includes the children if the initial interview goes well. Be cautious and selective when choosing someone who will spend significant amounts of time with your children.  Watch how they interact with your children at the second interview.  If all goes well, don’t be afraid to suggest they come and spend a couple of hours interacting with the children while you are around as well.

Once you have hired the perfect nanny, the process doesn’t end there.  At Elite Family Care, we stay in touch with both the parents and the nanny to ensure that all is going well.  We give you 60 days to be satisfied or we will find you another nanny FREE of charge.  After 60 days and up to 6 months our placement fee is 50% off.   So you can see that family matching is important to Elite Family Care.  This is a very important time in your children’s lives. And at Elite we care about the needs of our families.

Elite Family Care provides top notch nannies, and babysitters in Southwest Florida.  We work with local families as well as vacationing families. 

Debra Fortosis

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