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by | Mar 15, 2012

newborn care sarasota | elite family careElite Family Care offers two types of newborn assistance, Postpartum Doulas and Newborn Nannies (Daytime and Overnight), to Sarasota and Bradenton families.

Welcoming a new baby into your home is a wonderful experience. It can also be overwhelming. With today’s shortened hospital stays, you may not be physically or mentally prepared to take care of your home and your family while still recovering from the birth or adjusting to the adoption of your new baby.


Postpartum Doulas

Elite Family Care’s postpartum doulas are trained to provide non-judgmental assistance in the first few weeks following birth. The doula’s role is to educate, encourage and support the family emotionally and physically. By “mothering” the mother and helping the family adjust, the new mom is allowed to focus solely on nurturing herself and the baby.

Doulas help educate and provide assistance, some of the duties may include, breastfeeding support, information on newborn characteristics, coping skills, soothing skills, swaddling, bathing, feeding, cord care, diapering, burping, rocking, holding baby so mom can eat/rest/shower, provide resources and referrals.

Doulas help with household transition, some of the duties may include, light tidying, laundry, snack/meal preparation, running errands, accompany mom to appointments, sibling care.


Newborn Nannies

Elite Family Care’s overnight newborn nannies will see to all of your baby’s needs throughout the night so that you can get a good night’s sleep! Most overnight caregivers work four to seven nights per week. Our overnight caregivers specialize in caring for multiples! Let our caregivers help you be your best for your busy day.  Some of the duties may include, feeding, changing, rocking, preparing bottles, swaddling, burping, and soothing.

Daytime Newborn Nannies are perfect for the new or experienced parent who wants an extra set of hands to help care for the new baby. Parents can rest, go to doctors’ appointments, spend time with siblings, and get a little much-needed relief. Elite Family Care’s newborn nannies have been specially selected from our experienced temporary staff. They can also care for siblings when needed. Some of the duties may include, feeding, playing, preparing bottles, soothing, sibling care, swaddling, changing, rocking, bathing, keeping infants nursery tidy, keeping infants clothing and linens clean.

Debra Fortosis

Elite Family Care

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