Newborn Care Services

Newborn Services

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Welcoming a new baby or babies into your home is a wonderful experience.

It can also be overwhelming and hectic.

Our newborn nannies are available to support, educate, and assist you so that you may get some much needed rest and enjoy your role as parents. We specialize in sleep training and multiples.

Overnight Newborn Nannies
(Typical hours 10 p.m. – 6 a.m. or 11 p.m. – 7 .am.)

Elite Family Care’s overnight newborn specialists are nurturing, soothing and caring. They will see to all of your baby’s needs throughout the night. Most overnight newborn nannies work three to seven nights per week. Our newborn specialists keep a log of feedings, diaper changes, sleep patterns and any other important information.

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Duties may include:
Feeding, changing, rocking, preparing bottles, swaddling, burping, soothing, sleep training

Daytime Newborn Nannies
(Four hour minimum)

Elite Family Care’s daytime Newborn Nannies are perfect for the new or experienced parent who wants an extra set of hands to help care for the new baby. Parents can rest, go to doctors’ appointments, spend time with siblings, and get a little much-needed relief. Elite Family Care’s Newborn Nannies have been specially selected from our experienced temporary staff. They can also care for siblings when needed.

Duties may include:

Feeding, playing, preparing bottles, soothing, sibling care, swaddling, changing, rocking, bathing, keeping infants nursery tidy, keeping infants clothing and linens clean.