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How do we determine the type of care needed?

Because we are a local based company providing care to Bradenton, Sarasota, and further south to Punta Gorda we are happy to meet with you in person to help determine the type of care that will work best for you. We can provide daytime,
overnight, and 24 hour newborn care specialists.

What are the benefits of having overnight care?

Giving mom rest will increase the rate of breastfeeding successfully, increase the rate of early bonding between mother & baby and decrease the risk of postpartum depression. Having an overnight newborn care service will give mom the rest she needs to alleviate these issues. In addition, having mom well-rested makes for a happier family as a whole!

Will I have the same Newborn Care Specialists every night?

We try to keep the same Newborn Care Specialists in a home as much possible. Because each Newborn care specialist does not work every night, if you have 3-6 nights a week you will be acclimated with more than one Newborn care specialist. We schedule this way so that the nannies are well-rested when they come into your home.

Do you provide 24 hour care?

Yes, we have newborn specialist who will stay in your home and provide 24 hour care for the first few weeks up to six months until your single baby or multiples are on a schedule and sleeping through the night.

Once we begin the service, how far in advance
do you need to know the schedule?

We would like at least a week in advance.

Are the Night Newborn Care Specialists
considered baby night nurses?

Although the care we provide to you and your baby is much like the care provided by a nurse, we are not considered baby night nurses because we do not require our Newborn care specialists to have nursing degrees.

How far in advance should I register?

It is a good idea to register 8-12 weeks before your 40 week due date. If you are signing on after the
baby is born, please call to check for availability.

Will I have to sign an agreement?

Yes we enter into an agreement with all families.

What is the cancellation policy?

You must notify us at least 24 hours in advance if you are canceling a night.

How long do I have a Newborn Care Specialist in our home?

The duration of the Newborn care specialist’s time in your home will be your decision. We suggest a minimum of ten days in order for you and your baby to receive the optimum benefit of a Newborn care specialist’s stay. The average is 14-90 days.
Though, we have seen Newborn care specialist in homes for up to six months! It’s whatever fits best in your situation.

What if I have a special needs baby or a baby on a monitor?

Because of the wide range in background of Elite Family Care’s Newborn Care Specialists, most have experience with multiples, breathing machines, special needs and high-risk pregnancies. We will search for a Newborn care
specialist based on your specific needs.

What types of screening are performed
on the Newborn Care Specialists?

All of the Newborn care specialists have been screened thoroughly with two types of background checks a National Criminal History, a Local Criminal History, Sexual Offender Database Check performed by an independent private company. In addition to background checks, all references have been called and thoroughly questioned about the Newborn care specialists performance.

Are Newborn Care Specialist CPR and first aid certified?

Yes, all providers must be current with their certifications in CPR and first aid.




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