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by | Apr 25, 2011

Sarasota Nannies & Babysitters

You can find nannies and babysitters in many ways these days.  Our options are amazing!  You can find them in classified ads from your local paper or online, through internet searches, word of mouth, and referrals from friends.  But how do we know that we have done our due diligence for the safety and protection of our children?

I am a grandmother of three children, twins who are 4 and another who is 6.  Their father has custody of the children and I fill in the gaps when dad has to work late or has to work on a Saturday.  I can’t imagine how I would feel about leaving them with anyone else.  Times have changed so much since my children were that age. So my daughter and I decided we would open our own agency to help parents find safe childcare.

So what are the advantages of using a local service for your babysitter or nanny needs?  We feel it is getting to know who we are entrusting with your children.  Here are some of the steps we take to ensure that we are providing trustworthy, top notch, quality caregivers.

First, we have each applicant fill out an extensive application which includes experience and a series of questions regarding children.  These questions are age appropriate and include things like what to feed them, how to entertain them, things they can teach them, how to handle sibling rivalry, how they would punish them for inappropriate behavior and so much more.  We also verify their child care references.

Second, once we are comfortable with a care givers application, we then schedule a personal interview.  My daughter and I both interview the caregiver extensively.   What are we looking for?   A care giver who truly loves being with children, they must be professional, warm, friendly, fun, and active.   If we are placing a nanny we are looking for a match to that particular family.  We pride ourselves in helping families find the best possible nanny for their family.

Third, if the care giver has made it this far, they must undergo an extensive background check to include nationwide criminal, sexual predator/child molestation, driver’s license history, and credit check.  They must show proof of car insurance and have an automobile in good condition for the safety of the children.  They also must be child/infant CPR and First Aid certified.

Once a caregiver has made it through all of our steps we are confident that we have a wonderful, loyal, trustworthy caregiver.  Your children are your most precious gems and we want them in a happy, safe, and secure environment.   I can sleep at night knowing that we have taken every step to provide just that.

Debra Fortosis

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