Kids Love Sarasota Beaches

by | May 16, 2012

Sarasota is a wonderful city to visit or to live in year-round. Sarasota is built on art and culture, the sites are really something to talk about. Sarasota is a great city to raise children in as the schools rank 4th out of 67 counties in the state of Florida. Sarasota is visited by families from all over the world because the kids love Sarasota beaches and parents love the museums and amazing scenery.

Siesta Key Beach is ranked number one in America yet again as the best beach. The white sands of this Sarasota site are gorgeous and remind you of baby powder. The water is clear, calm, and quite shallow making a wonderful outing for everyone including children. Hundreds of people line Sarasota’s beaches to take wonderful postcard like pictures of the sun setting every night. When adults need a night away from the children, Siesta Key has a wonderful nightlife. This includes Siesta Key Oyster Bar (S.K.O.B.) which plays nightly live music. There are also other great dining facilities on the strip of Siesta Key as well as night clubs.

Lido Beach is another site to see in Sarasota which is connected to Sarasota by the John Ringling bridge. This beach boasts the wonderful Saint Armand’s Circle which is aligned by art, statues, fine dining, and Sarasota’s finest shopping. Another scenic treasure of Sarasota and includes more postcard opportunities for anyone in town.

Speaking of John Ringling he really helped put Sarasota on the map in the early 1900s. Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey set up the circus in Sarasota and made the city historical in the entertainment industry as well as the art world. John and his five brothers started the circus life together in 1884. They traveled far and wide and acquired Barnum and Bailey in 1907 becoming the biggest in the circus industry. John and his brothers decided to invest in the land boom of Florida and set up in gorgeous Sarasota. The reason he did this was to oppose the east side of Florida and their booming economy. Sarasota had acquired an art lover who invested in one of the biggest collections of the time. The Ca d’Zan John and his wife Mable built which was there home stands today on an estate holding all the art that had been brought to Sarasota. It is a massive estate with three Mansions on the bay of Sarasota and a huge art gallery. The art that was collected here was not only impressive but extremely expensive. How lucky are we to have this priceless jewel in our own Sarasota. You can see the history of the circus here as well as this massive collection of art that was collected by John Ringling. In fact, on Mondays the art exhibit and grounds are free to enter. This is a great way to see part of the history of Sarasota.

The history of Sarasota is wonderful and helps describe why we live in such a beautiful town. Sarasota is a great place to raise children and a wonderful place to enjoy a resort style life.

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