How to Childproof Your Home

by | Jun 11, 2011

 Everyone thinks their home is pretty safe for kids until there’s a terrible accident and a child is injured. Here are some reminders.

1.   Toddlers love to climb so don’t place things around that they can climb on. Don’t put candy and sweets in open view where kids will be tempted to climb. Make sure bookcases and such are anchored firmly so they won’t topple on a child.

 2.  Anything that hangs or trails down from above is a temptation for children to pull. They want to see what’s on the other end. Use rear burners on the stove and keep pot handles pointed away from the edge. Don’t let power cords hang from places like your ironing board.

3.  Use safety devices such as window locks, wall socket covers, corner protectors on sharp edges, and childproof locks for household cupboards that contain potentially dangerous things.

4.  Move your treasured possessions completely out of the reach of young children. It beats shouting “Don’t touch!” 10,000 times.

5.  Scotchgard fabric, use washable covers for sofas and washable curtains and rugs. Don’t buy furniture and such with surfaces that are easily marred or need constant upkeep and polishing. Sticky fingers, dirt, food and drink will keep them dirty.

Following these tips will save your child from danger and save you from constant fear and frustration.

 Debra Fortosis

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