Elite Sitters: A Cut Above

by | Jul 23, 2012

Sarasota based Elite Family Care offers babysitters to vacationing and resident families throughout Southwest Florida—from Bradenton to Naples. What makes an Elite sitter different from others? First and foremost they are all nannies not a typical babysitter. There are at least seven ways that our nannies may stand out from others.


  1. Elite Family Care nannies are experienced. They have been babysitting for years in many different circumstances. They can sit for various age groups, ranging from infants to young adolescents and many have been babysitting since they themselves were teenagers.
  2. Our nannies are screened and certified. Every nanny is subjected to a nationwide background screening. They are also CPR and First Aid certified.
  3. Occasionally, parents may hire a sitter who clearly considers babysitting a job, and a rather tedious one at that. However, it’s always obvious that the Elite nanny loves kids, is fun to be with, and enjoys each hour spent with your children. Many children beg their parents for the same nanny every time, though that may not always be possible.
  4. Debra, the business owner, gets together with her girls periodically for a participative coaching session. They discuss various standards for the company and review possible scenarios and best ways to handle them.
  5. What about fun? Well, our nannies carry a bag of toys, games, crafts, books—all of which have been tried and proven to excite kids of various ages. This proves crucial, especially when sitting in hotel rooms where no toys are handy. Our nannies don’t just sit the kids in front of the TV or watch the kids play from a distance. They actually have fun with your children.
  6. Elite nannies are prepared to take the children out to entertain them. Here in Southwest Florida, children can be taken to the beaches to look for shells or the swimming pool. If parents provide the money, children can be taken out to eat and entertained with various attractions the area offers.
  7. Elite nannies are good communicators. While you parents are out, you can call or text the sitter to make sure all is going smoothly. The nannies are great about texting to let you know sometime during the evening different milestones. And, in the rare case that parental advice is needed, the nanny is alert to call and inquire.


Does this sound like the kind of nanny you would appreciate? If you’re a resident of Southwest Florida, get in touch with EliteFamilyCare.com. And, you out-of-staters, now that you know this service is available to give you parents some adult time, why not plan your next vacation for the Greater Sarasota region?

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