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Elite Sitters: A Cut Above

Sarasota based Elite Family Care offers babysitters to vacationing and resident families throughout Southwest Florida—from Bradenton to Naples. What makes an Elite sitter different from others? First and foremost they are all nannies not a typical babysitter. There are at least seven ways that our nannies may stand out from others. Elite Family Care nannies are experienced. They have been…

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Separating the Good From the Great Sarasota Nannies

There are nannies and then there are Nannies. Of course, you want to use the best nannies available for your kids. What are ten factors that will separate the good nannies from the great ones? Great Sarasota Nannies 1)   Of course, experience with kids is assumed but not just an hour here or two hours there. We look for nannies…

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Sarasota Newborn Services

Elite Family Care offers two types of newborn assistance, Postpartum Doulas and Newborn Nannies (Daytime and Overnight), to Sarasota and Bradenton families. Welcoming a new baby into your home is a wonderful experience. It can also be overwhelming. With today’s shortened hospital stays, you may not be physically or mentally prepared to take care of your home and your family…

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Finding the Ideal Nanny

Are you a single parent or working parents in Sarasota and you’ve decided that you just have to hire a nanny for your kids? How do you find the ideal nanny for your family?  It may actually be one of the most important decisions you make for your family, especially if you want a nanny long-term. When you realize just how daunting a…

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Ingredients for the Perfect Nanny in Sarasota or Bradenton

Looking for the perfect  nanny in Sarasota or Bradenton?  When it comes to finding someone to take care of your children it can be challenging.  How do you find someone who will nurture, love, and care for your children?  I work with families and nannies everyday, and I have found these qualities to be the best ingredients for the perfect…

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Sarasota’s Elite Family Care

Sarasota based, Elite Family Care, Southwest Florida’s elite nanny and babysitter agency has expanded to Fort Myers, Naples, the beaches, and all surrounding communities.  What makes Elite Family Care unique?  We are a Sarasota based local family owned business.  We pride ourselves in getting to know each family and providing the best of care to your children.  In this fast…

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Sarasota’s Perfect Nanny

How do you find the perfect nanny in Sarasota?   Sarasota’s Elite Family Care can do the work for you?  Whether you are parents who have full-time jobs or are one of two stay-at-home parents who run your own business, a nanny can greatly assist you with meeting your obligations. Hiring a nanny, however, can be an intimidating, tedious and complex process….

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